The Week That Was #4.5


Oh, did I EVER mention how much I hate Hase? Seriously, he’s the only reason why I’m reluctant to watch this series. Fucking dick acting all possessive. He’s not even going out with Fujimiya in the first place!

I seriously LOATHE NTR but if we have a shitty protagonist like Hase and a decent guy like Shougo, i’d prefer Shougo to steal Fujimiya instead!

While the overall mood for this series feels slow and boring, if there’s one really good merit, it’s the dynamic emphasis of our characters’ personalities. Every scene transition stresses out their flaws and strengths and I really appreciate that kind of approach especially if the bad points frustrate me. And it’s not just limited to Hase. Every time Fujimiya’s memory resets, I cringe. If I were Hase who goes after Fujimiya, I would’ve despaired already. Which, basing from that comparison, makes me appreciate Hase’s positive traits. As annoyed as I am to his stupidity, I have to admire his dedication “for a friend” (though it’s fucking obvious he’s after a different kind of relationship).

So yeah, I find myself in a love-hate relationship with this series.


Daimidaler has actually taken me back in this latest episode. I was expecting another episodic nonsense (not far from it, actually) but was surprised for this episode to deal with character development. Again, I’ve been siding with the penguins ever since this shit started but I never expected this episode to go to such lengths and explore the camaraderie within the Penguin Empire. And I really like this.

Character Development MY ASS

Not just because I like the enemy getting character development but because they negate the nonsense of this series’ fanservice content. Don’t get me wrong, members of the Penguin Empire offer tons of fanservice (Ritz and Tail-Dicks FTW) but the depth of character that they portrayed outshines that of the protagonists’ side.

Whether it be C6 or Henry, Yuichi Nakamura FTW!!

The Penguin Empire may have been defeated but it’s obvious how they are making progress. Though, I wonder if they will be able to make other Hi-Ero commandos in the future.


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  1. x
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 05:26:34

    Friends: Yeah, this show sure brings out the best and worst from each character :p.

    Daimidaler: This felt a bit insulting :p, but then I realised I was taking it too seriously ^^;.


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