The Week That Was #4

Oh give me a break

Just why the fuck do people have to sacrifice themselves for you? Tokaku should’ve killed you instead!

For some reason, I can’t take my eyes off Akuma no Riddle. I know for a fact that this series sucks, with Haru getting on my nerves thanks to her sheer stupidity but for some reason, I just can’t drop it. I don’t know if its the quality of the animation or the promise of new seiyuu but I guess i’ll be sticking with this.

Is this an act of kindness Smile?

Oddly enough, I have the same sentiments with Ping Pong. The art quality may be annoying but for some reason, I find myself unable to resist. Whether it be the pacing of the story or Tsukimoto’s contradicting personality when it comes to the sport, there’s something with this series that keeps me interested, for now.

I’ll probably drop this and instead read the manga.

Mangaka-san may be short but those 12 or so minutes felt worth it. As long as this doesn’t get boring, I’ll probably continue watching it.

I have a love/hate relationship with this anime series. The manga is good and the anime adaptation is quite faithful but I never expected myself to be annoyed at the animated version of Hase. Whether it be the voice acting or his overly retarded personality (that reminds me of Haru’s stupidity from Akuma), there’s something about the MC that pisses me off.

And Sidonia continues the body count. Man, they may be the elite in the academy but when it comes to actual combat, they acted like silly shit. Well, you can’t actually judge someone based from their appearance. By the end of the day, it’s those who put effort and survives to tell the tale that matters.

I hate tsunderes especially the unreasonable ones so FUCK YOU NANANA! Yeah, let’s just go with the Juugo x Tensai ship!

While Soul Eater Not! doesn’t stand out much, I still think this is a good series. The pacing may have slowed down but I guess it goes with Tsugumi’s discovery of her worth as a weapon. Though, the slow pace is indeed annoying as hell.

Another series that I have mixed feelings with. I’m not sure if I would actually drop this one. The characters feel bland and the pacing is shit. But a part of me is still interested with the story. What happens once she collects her father’s remains?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 04:37:42

    Akuma no Riddle: Maybe I dropped this too early… nah, not my thing :p.

    Ping Pong: Well, you either like the style or you don’t I guess. Personally, I find it refreshingly different from every other anime this season :p. As for the story, it got me curious, though I kind of get the general direction of where this is going.

    Flag: Well, I still love the voices, and the third episode doesn’t seem as bad as the first two episodes IMO :p.

    Mangaka-san: I don’t think this will get boring in one season. It has more than enough material from the manga to keep going for awhile (given that it has such short episodes :p).

    Friends: I’m still enjoying this one a lot :p.

    Sidonia: Body count? Okay, definitely not my thing :p.

    Nanana: Too bad her full name is in the title huh :p? Well, I see her more like an annoying quirky/buggy mascot/history-record/AI/bot than a person at this point ^^;. Tensai is definitely the most fun character in the show ATM (having Kana Asumi voice her is a bonus for me :p). Incidentally Tensai has her own spin-off novel as well ;).

    Not: This is turning out better than I expected. Was worried that I might get too annoyed at some point, but the pacing kept it interesting enough.

    Chaika: At least the comedy is starting to make me laugh a little more than before :p. No matter how bad this looks, it still seem to be better than Dragonar IMO. Though Dragonar appears to be improving a tiny bit with the fourth episode ^^; (I’ve also started reading the novel of Dragonar so as not to depend on the anime to figure out the details of the story :p). OTOH, Brynhildr is starting to look like it might be the worst of these three at the rate it’s going T_T.


  2. baka~
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 00:27:59

    Brynhildr is a faithful adaptation (which I really appreciate) but yeah, the pacing is shit. Then again, Black Bullet is faring worse. 3 episodes and it already covered almost 15 chapters of the manga… orz


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