The Week That Was #3

Is it time to pull out the chopping board?

If you’ve been reading Ansatsu Kyoshitsu (Assassination Classroom), you’d probably know the difference between a real assassination and one that focuses more on the yuri sub-plot.

If this was a real assassination, she’d been dead already

That is to say, Akuma no Riddle is starting to bore me. But as with my “4th episode” rule (from Madoka Magica), let’s see if things get spicy.

I really like it when things go technical in anime. Well, it’s supposed to be fiction but some works of fiction tend to become the basis of a scientific thought (such as Asimov’s Three Laws) and Mahouka is quite good in portraying that “scientific” aspect. Plus they make effort for the animation quality.

What I thought to be a nonsense series ends up to be the one I’m looking forward the most. Daimidaler, despite its eros and nonsense, has been surprisingly enjoyable. I really like the nonsense schemes of the Penguin Army every episode (I’m actually rooting for them). And it’s nice to see Aya Suzaki landing on more roles this season. Her take on Rikantz was good (not just the ero moments mind you) and I believe she’s doing a good job in voicing Kana in Brynhildr.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy this series but there’s seriously something lacking. Whether it be the “missing” OP song, the mediocre animation quality, the uninteresting BGM, the plot progression, there’s something that makes this series fall flat.

It took the commander, what, 3 years to realize that aliens posing as teenagers shouldn’t be subject to torture? Then still allowed that jerkass access to the facility until it was too late? Sorry, but I guess even the Sakamoto x Kenichi pair can’t save this series. Great voice cast but weak plot and stupid characters.

Nanami Kashiyama may be a new seiyuu but I love her work on Momo. Too bad though, I’m becoming really annoyed with Shaft for no apparent reason. But let’s see where a few more episodes would lead us.

Yeah you fucking ADC’s! Appreciate your supports!

Is Ayumu Murase a guy or a girl? Whatever, I’m slowly appreciating his/her take on Hinata. And yeah, 3 episodes of Haikyuu reminiscent of League of Legends… Man, all those feels!

There are witty moments but most of the time, the pacing feels really slow. While I love the interaction between Nanana and Juugo, the rest of the story, like Brynhildr, just falls flat.

Believing in superstition, at times, won’t hurt

Angela sets off death flags…. FUCK YEAH!

3 episodes and they’re catching up with the manga translations. While the animation quality is good, the pacing is rushed. And I really disliked episode 3 and how they crammed a lot of stuff there. There wasn’t even a proper character development for Enju and her dilemma with school as well as Kayo and Shougen (there was interaction between him and Rentarou in the manga before they pursued Kagetane). Great animation, amazing voice cast, shitty pacing. Just WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING with adaptations nowadays?!


Why the fuck are they introducing goof balls? I really like it when the protagonist for Yugioh is more of the serious type. Having serious characters duke it out for a silly plot IS AMUSING. That’s why I like Yugi and Yusei. All those top-decking (Destiny Draw FTW) makes sense if you have a protagonist that fights seriously. Not to mention, CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!

But Arc-V introduces this retard riding on a motherfucking hippo… I’m not sure if I should drop this NOW… Sometimes I hate my 4th episode rule…

I forgot about Kanojo ga Flag and Chaika so I’ll most likely be putting them on the next post.


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  1. x
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 04:46:24

    Gave up on Akuma no Riddle after the first episode (as it didn’t seem like my thing no matter which direction it went :p), but I guess the assassination bit was just a gimmick after all.

    Mahouka is turning out pretty good. The pacing seems all over the map (first episode is super fast, next episode is super slow, episode after that is super fast again ^^;…), but they seem to cover the essentials and the graphics seem to be some of the best this season.

    Daimidaler doesn’t disappoint.

    Brynhildr is meh. Well, it doesn’t help that I’m losing interest in the manga as well, but I didn’t think the anime would turn out like this. I guess they got the wrong director or something :p.

    Nanana still works out okay for me. Or maybe I’m just too distracted by the two Kanas :p.

    Unfortunately, Black Bullet’s pacing is like many other anime adaptations every season (and some anime originals). It’s really rushed and spoils the storytelling. I did find episode three more bearable than episode two though ^^;.


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