Outside the Box


When people say “think outside the box”, I didn’t expect something like this.

If someone starts screwing the rules, you simply screw it in your favor and Sora did that magnificently in this episode.

And for awhile, I was thinking that the rules of chess has been modified a bit, giving extra abilities to the chess pieces themselves. Who would’ve thought that they would have full AI capabilities? I have to commend the author for turning the game of chess into something unexpected, something this fun and interesting.



But what makes this episode shine isn’t just Sora’s antics, for some reason, this episode was able to shed more of their personalities. And it’s another unexpected turn of events. We see Shiro tearing up because she believed she lost, and Sora panicking because he realized how he made a serious blunder.

And IT’S AMAZING! They show us these insanely overpowered protagonists a few episodes ago yet rectifies that thought by confirming their humanity. They fail, they despair, yet, they still thrive and fight against the odds.


While Matsuoka continues his strong, comedic performance, I have to hand this episode to Ai Kayano. We all know that she can voice adorable characters but her take with Shiro is way over the top.

Her deadpan acting that emphasizes Shiro’s cuteness is too hard to ignore!

When will the nosebleeds stop?!

Yeah, Kayanon gave me diabetes with this episode ❤


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  1. x
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 04:27:07

    lol. Good episode. I’m now curious enough to want to read the novel after this anime ends :p.

    Makes me wonder if some variation of this “chess” (where one needs to rally the troops, seduce the enemy, … etc) might actually be a game worth making ;).


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