Pulled from Eternity

Is this the ending or simply the beginning?

I’ve already spoiled myself with this series thanks to the lengthy content of the PMMM Wiki so it didn’t surprise me as it should. Rather, seeing the movie made me realize how things fall in its place, especially after reading all those insights about the movie.

Hoping for panchira aside, the way Mami fights reminded me of Meijin from GBF especially that Exia Repair dodge roll at the last episode

The battle between Mami and Homura was definitely my favorite for this movie. I was actually wondering who would win if they went at each other seriously and Mami’s skill honed through experience simply showed how good she really is.

Reminds me of Wilhelmina Carmel’s Ribbon Clone

While Homura was able to anticipate Mami’s skill, she never caught up to her tricks. I never really expected she’d (Mami) be able to replace herself with a clone just before Homura stopped time. Cunning indeed!

It looks like after Madoka established a new order, she has employed every Puella Magi that she saved and had them serve as her “angels”. I find this process quite interesting especially after seeing how they (Char and Sayaka) are able to use their Witch Powers while maintaining sanity.

I was never a Sayaka fan but she’s really badass after utilizing her witch powers

Could it be that Madokami’s saving grace is actually a rehab of sorts where would-be witches undergo mental conditioning in order to have them “Accept” and embrace their regrets and have them use their powers while maintaining their sanity?



Aside from Madoka x Homura, I found the other pairings to be a justification of sorts. Well, the Sayaka x Kyoko part made sense. Them holding hands was actually a doki doki moment (aw man, did I just wrote that?) but Mami and Momoe? Momoe just wanted to eat cheese… Did she even remember how she chomped off Mami’s head?

The dream sequence of the story was actually good. They (the geniuses who made the movie) did a good job using the fans’ thirst for an ideal teamwork to create a narrative that made sense. It was a risky play but it payed off. After all, what fan wouldn’t want to see all five of them working together and kicking ass? After all the shit that Urobuchi fed us, this dream scenario was the break that fans needed.

Everybody hates Kyubey and in this movie, I guess the hatred intensified. After all, if they didn’t push Homura to “rethink” what she should’ve done, Akuma Homura wouldn’t have been born and everything would’ve ended on a good note.


Which leads me to thinking, was it even a logical move for the Incubators to do that to Homura? I mean, yeah, she’s already on the edge of “death” and she’s about to become a witch but their whole deal of experimenting on her to prove that Madokami exists just to control her felt… Out of character.

Quite ironic for them who “loved” their energy so much that they became “incubators” for it

I mean, what they did in this movie was more than an observer. Instead of offering suggestions to girls to do this or do that, they acted on their own and decided on “something”. It’s as if they weren’t even satisfied in “why” the energy was being collected but are now interested in the “how” process. For some reason, their actions are weird for this movie.

And this is what happens when you’re forced to live an eternity of battle: Your mind breaks. We can’t actually blame Homura here can we? After all, she mentioned in the movie that she even doubted Madoka’s existence since it was only she who remembered her. And if you go about ranting to others how you claim about something doesn’t exist, yeah, people would consider you to be a nutcase. And the silence tormented her.

The fact that Homura knows of someone who doesn’t exist yet doesn’t have anyone to share it with fucked her brains really good. Well, that’s quite inaccurate since she did spill her beans to Kyubey which probably got interested (after hearing the same improbable shit all the time) and decided to run an experiment to prove Homura’s sanity… Among other things.

But to be honest, what I probably respected about Homura after she became the devil is how she is aware of her limitations. That she knows that she can’t bind Madoka forever in her dream world and when Madoka escapes, if she escapes, there’ll be conflict between them.

In which I interpreted that tearful compliment to be Akemi Homura’s farewell. The REAL Homura’s farewell. The one who looked up to Madoka and treated her as a friend. Because we all know that Akuma Homura is definitely someone who wanted to take all of Madoka’s love for herself. And Madoka, as stated in the spoilers which were a mix of excerpts from religious context, is a God who loved the world. She’ll offer her salvation to anyone, not confining to Homura’s yandere tendencies.

I guess Homura has her hands full. Aside from restraining Madokami’s power, she had the Wraiths to deal with and the Incubators to store them. But will the Incubators ever run out? I mean, what happens if all the Incubators are “full”? Where will the energy go? And what will happen to the malice stored in them? Will it breed into a new form of evil? One that would probably require Madokami and Akuma to work together?

Overall, this was a good epilogue to the series. It wasn’t the closure I was expecting but it did open a lot of interesting points especially after how they did a good job in expanding the world of Puella Magi. My only concern here is instead of making a franchise about other Puella Magi, the series may be centered between the two entities, Madoka and Homura, which I see as a risky move. If the staff make one wrong slip, the entire series may crash, dragged down by its story.


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