The Future Given by God

Oooooooh Boy

If this doesn’t have a sequel of sorts then


With the final arc somewhat feeling rushed, I don’t think it did the entire series (as a whole) and the fans justice.

Even Shiori didn’t understand WTF happend

First off, Satyr. Some supposed to be evil organization they are! They’re supposed to be the wicked masterminds behind Vintage and that’s what they could muster? They got their asses handed to them in a few chapters? And they even used some Colossus whatever shit that the Goddesses disposed off in a single page? That’s all they could throw at against their supposed threat? Seriously? All that planning and shit foiled in a single chapter?

Oh and let’s not forget, Elsie and her sister. How did they tie together? If Elsie didn’t exist in the first place, was there any meaning of ever mentioning that she had a sister or whatshit? And the Goddess Host, DO THEY REALLY NOT KNOW SOMETHING?! It was only Tenri who understood what happened and the rest was left in the dark? WHAT THE FUCK?! Isn’t this supposed to be some epic final battle of sorts? Why need to be discreet?

And man, not even a group pic with all the girls from all the arcs? You disappoint Wakaki… At least give us a harem end snapshot or something!

With this series finally over, that’s one down from my long manga list. I don’t know if I’ll read any of Wakaki’s works after this. I mean, don’t get me wrong. He did a good job in Kaminomi. All those plot elements that he scattered and retrieved later for effect, it’s one of his strongest points in creating a story. And let’s not forget, the original premise of Kaminomi was to use galge knowledge to capture a girl’s affection. That was quite a unique idea at that time, and to see it make sense and “work”, I have to say, it was a well thought concept. It’s just that, the ending sucked big time!


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  1. x
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 23:04:39

    Well, it worked out okay for me :p.

    I knew there wasn’t going to be a harem end (would be out of character for Keima, and contradict many of the struggles he had in previous arcs).

    I knew there was going to be a lot of loose ends for stuff not directly related to Keima’s story, as there was not enough chapters to cover all of them and much of it would have made very little sense under the title of TWGOK :p.

    I kind of had an idea of who Keima was going to choose in the end since a long while back (there were more than enough hints), but out of spite against the annoying shippers, I kept silent about it for the most part ^^;. Towards the end, I came to like Do-chan a lot more than the other characters :p. In some ways, I wish she would have stole him away at the end :p. Do-chan and Tenri were the two suffering “assistants” who did much of the work, but never got what their hearts desire. Not to forget Haqua, who was mostly pushed aside and conveniently made to “forget” everything. This part was probably the most disappointing part of the ending for me (specially after all the drama and whatnots in the previous arcs).

    As for the many loose ends, I’d say it just means that even if TWGOK may have ended, life continues on for the characters. Regardless of whether Wakaki elaborates more on any of these loose ends later, I think it is fine as it is. Wakaki has a new manga coming soon at any rate. Hope it will be a good one.


    • P3r50n5_UnKnWn
      Apr 21, 2014 @ 13:10:59

      Let me start the reply with saying how late I am for the party, but better late than never… XD
      I /did/ wait until 1:40 am last Saturday and succeeded to read the ending firsthand, but I just got left behind in the discussions, considering I was away due to the Holy Week.
      And the main thing that caught my attention from this comment is Haqua forgetting everything… Really? I thought all she forgot about was having another devil (Elsie) besides Nora by her side…
      I have to agree with Satyr. Epically pissed with the lack of actiony conflict with that. One fell swoop and they’re done and dusted… Well, at least Vintage is. I can say Satyr is still hiding in the shadows… But I keep reminding myself that TWGOK isn’t in the Action genre, but c’mon! A little action never hurt anybody!!
      The ending really looks rushed. Just check Shiori out at that picture!!
      Tenri… T_T
      BAD END for Tenri. It’s sad to see that she suffered for so long and got nothing good in return.
      I really hope that Wakaki-sensei’s next work covers all the plot holes… Else, damn…


  2. x
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 13:20:10

    Well, “everything” was an exaggeration on my part :p. It’s still quite a lot if you think about it. If she (and seemingly everyone else aside from Keima as well as maybe Do-chan) “forgot” Elsie the devil, it could mean many of them (including Haqua) might have forgotten Keima as well if Elsie the devil was a big part of their link to Keima.


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