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Matsuoka x Kayano FTW

And here we are with the same chemistry delivered by Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo with the Manzai duo of Matsuoka and Kayano. And I have to say, these two have such strong chemistry with their roles that I can’t help myself but be lured by their enjoyable acting.

I initially mistook him as Nobuhiko Okamoto during Sora’s apathetic moments and cocky demeanor, but when he began shouting like mad, I know it was Matsuoka. And I was surprised considering I initially didn’t appreciate his voice especially when he starts yelling or, in Sakurasou and Nogenora’s case, he goes full tsukkomi. But I guess it does rub off on you. After all, no matter how annoying his voice may be, his acting has turned out to be pretty good.

This is probably the next anime after Shana III where I easily recognized KugiRie’s voice. And my God! That caliber of acting! The moment Teto began his (her?) speech especially about the rules, I felt how welcoming KugRie’s voice was. And that is important. I mean, Teto is like a salesperson here that sells the opportunity of a lifetime! To live in a world strictly governed by rules that emphasizes on games! And what better way to sell such product than to have an enthusiastic kid rub off its enthusiasm on you?

And I’m actually surprised how she maintains the personality of that voice even as she speaks in the back story. I mean, it was a stage where so much blood was spilled etc. etc. in history yadah yadah and the way he spoke feels delighted yet at the same time, apathetic. The personality tells as if “I don’t care how many of you are left after killing each other but let’s all have fun and play games!”. It’s creepy in the sense that you can feel that he’s scheming something yet that childish enthusiasm throws you off. Damn. Veteran Seiyuu FTW!!

And yes, this series is LOADED with veteran seiyuu. There may be no Hanazawa here but Hikasa Youko? Yukari Tamura? Mamiko Noto? Miyuki Sawashiro-sama and Iguchi Yuka?

I don’t know if the version I got sucks (HorribleSubs) or my PC sucks, but even if the colors give a little bit of eye cancer, I don’t seem to be bothered much by it especially if they can pull off an overly emphasized card dealing like that. And here I was, thinking that only Yugioh can give intense card vibes.

So yeah, an anime with interesting plot much like Mondaiji (the protagonists are OP as fuck too), backed with prolific seiyuu, with interesting visuals and animations, not to mention, has WINCEST??! YES PLEASE!!


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  1. x
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 07:24:41

    This looks better than I expected. Just hope it won’t be too rushed.


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