This is how it ends…

The weekend just started and instead of easing myself to relax, I’m already perplexed.

From a practical perspective, Chihiro IS the right choice. If Keima chose one of the goddesses, heaven, hell, all of creation may be torn asunder. So yeah, Chihiro serves as the scapegoat to assure that all is calm with the world. Personally, if this is Keima’s true intentions, I would’ve liked it. I always had a soft spot for the underdog and Chihiro IS that underdog for this series. She’s the most normal person that’ve been with Keima ever since the Goddess arc started. She has no real talent and made up for it through sheer effort. And I remembered being sad upon learning that she didn’t have a Goddess. After all, she fought, and endured so much that she never deserved the way Keima treated her back then.

If the next chapter is the last chapter, I would seriously be pissed. What, no explanation as to what really Elsie is? She’s supposed to be the final boss and she immediately have her ending? WTF MAN! And what happened about the rest of the characters specially Urara? What happens to her after she was saved by Keima? Where is she now? They cared to show Shiratori jii-san but not her? WTF??

I do hope Wakaki clears everything up. Every plot device that he left somewhere with no real purpose, whatsoever, needs to be explained. Also, will it really end at chapter 267? MyAnimeList shows this series runs for 271 chapters =/


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  1. x
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 07:20:50

    I think the next chapter will be the last magazine chapter. There were twelve chapters in volume twenty five, and it should be the same for volume twenty six (which would make it end at exactly chapter 267). No idea where the 271 come from. Maybe it includes the extra chapters (I thought there were more than four extra chapters… they might have excluded the Magical Kanon ones and the volume extras that never appeared in Sunday… I never really kept count properly… most were Elsie related extra chapters I think :p)?

    So there are a lot of loose ends. Next chapter is said to be the last. The magazine has already announced that Wakaki has a new manga coming soon. What does this all mean ;)? I’ll wait and see what comes next before I get “pissed” :p.

    For what it’s worth, the Chihiro shippers must be celebrating like crazy now, and many (though probably not all) of the other shippers are probably in denial or just angry ^^; (I wonder if this will affect the sales of the last volume in any way :p).

    Personally, at this point, I’m glad this is ending. I felt that there were a lot of plots in the manga that could continue on, but not under the title of The World God Only Knows. The major plots concerning Keima have all been wrapped up I think. There are things about the other characters that’s left with loose ends, but I think that’s fine. To me, every loose end just means a potential for a sequel manga if Wakaki decides to make a story out of it. At this point, I’m more curious to see what Wakaki’s next manga will be about XD.


  2. P3r50n5_UnKnWn
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 13:06:21

    I agree with X. Any undeveloped plot device have a good chance to become Wakaki-sensei’s next manga. I personally believe that New Hell would be the next one. XD
    If you count it correctly, though, 266 shoulda been the ending chapter. XD XD XD
    Volume 26 has more chapters, it seems, breaking the 11-chapter format of the recent volumes up to 24. So, if Volume 25 has 12 chapters, then it shouldn’t be 268 as the ending. But, Wakaki-sensei has a Twitter post of a cake celebrating the end of his successful manga. The icing has text written:
    Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
    FLAG 268
    2008 – 2014
    So, I’m guessing that’s enough to say it ends at 268.
    But, I’m hoping that the ending chapter is longer than usual. 40-50 pages, please. hahahahaha
    That would be enough to resolve anything that needs resolving.
    On a side note, wasn’t 266 enough to see what Elsie really is? I have it written down on my own blog. XD She said it with the help of a mini-flashback. XD
    As a KeimaxAyumi shipper, I’m in dismay.
    As a devoted TWGOK fan, I’m happy Keima would end up with someone.
    As a theorist, I hoped for the Tenri end because of the 3 letters Keima gave to her, Tenri knowing everything there is to know about the whole arc, and her status as Keima’s childhood friend. I’m screwed. As of following the series, none of my theories were correct, and the ones that were correct were the ones I denied. :v
    We need to see what happened to Urara and Kaori (and even the other girls during Kaori’s arc, except Chihiro and Ayumi)!!!!!! Just a glimpse of their current life would do. XD
    Chihiro? Best choice? Yeah. The person who can bring God to tears can certainly bring him to any emotion. In this case, it’s love. Chihiro succeeded in where she thought she failed miserably.


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