The Week That Was #1

This is probably a new format that I’m sticking with to sum up my anime and manga backlog. To start things off…


Unless you find Kuno Misaki’s voice totally adorable, don’t watch this shit. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

So much for the Harem End.

As I mentioned previously, Nourin may have used Baka to Test’s comedic formula but it certainly did yield amazing results. Not only was this series enjoyable due to the chemistry of the characters and the well-timed comedic moments, this managed to deliver good character growth; Something that never really stood out in Baka to Test.

And I think we have to credit the strength of this series’ characters with the agriculture setting. This may be different from Silver Spoon’s but I believe the reason why the character growth moments become noticeable is because the comedic factor grabs the viewers’ attention and roots us in place for when they deliver the life lesson. Something that doesn’t really stand out with Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon may be BORING AS FUCK but it does deliver the life’s lesson really well. You just have to be patient with the series as a whole since it kinda gets repetitive with the flow of the story.

I should’ve stopped at season 1

It’s not that season 2 of Chu2Koi was bad (Shichimiya FTW!!) but it just went total cheese which felt really disgusting. I mean, awakening some Black Dragon that Yuuta just used in the movie (yeah, I watched that one too) then Rikka trying to progress their relationship because “it’s her duty” (If this was a doujin, that line would’ve certainly progressed their relationship by heaps and bounds). Everything doesn’t feel as cohesive as season 1 did.

I may just be dense or most likely stupid but I saw a disjoint in the flow of season 2’s plot. That whatever should tie all of them together (Yuuta, Shichimiya, Rikka) never developed itself not until the last moment (The coins/goddess) which felt that whatever “adventure” they were supposed to have felt rushed.

But this series still does have its decent share of life’s lessons especially for the teen demographic. Though to be honest, Yuuta’s idea of “not rushing things” would only work since he has no rival for Rikka’s affection. If a rival were to show up, would he be able to say such convenient things?


If you guys haven’t watched D-Frag then you’re missing the best days of your life. Watch it and if you don’t find this series funny, **** ***! But seriously, I anticipated every episode of this series more than Log Horizon. And yeah, TAKAO FTW!!

And that basically sums up my anime backlog last season.

In other news…

I seriously didn’t expect this

This raises the question as to WHAT Elsie is and why she was assigned to be with Keima right from the start? And as cliche as it may look like when Keima said he predicted as much, after explaining how he found it weird for a klutz to be part of an elite group of devils, it does make sense. I guess it’s really best to continue doubting some facts that we are fed with.

As much as I love to see how Kuno Misaki grows with this kind of role (as this feels like Kyubey and Madoka Magica all over again), I’d have to decline this series. The premise felt really weak for my tastes. But glad to know that she landed on quite a number of roles this season.

Though I am interested in how Yuuki Aoi would act with a cold demeanor, Blade and Soul is just a no. First few minutes was boring so I decided to skip through the scenes and never found anything of interest (unless I skipped that part or what not).

And that wraps it up for this week’s back log.

I’ve already downloaded Madoka magica Rebellion yet found myself asking WHY THE FUCK I HAVEN’T BEGUN WATCHING IT. Mahouka is already downloaded along with the rest of the season’s pilots. Hopefully, I get to tackle them all down within the week.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 08:00:22

    Agree about Zvezda :p. I tried to marathon it, but couldn’t get past episode five ^^;. Was mostly annoyed and bored :p.

    Nourin turn out to be fun and surprisingly thought provoking.

    Silver Spoon, good anime, but I’d recommend just reading the manga :p.

    Chu2Koi second season was mostly silly stuff with some drama on the side. Typically, I have much lower expectations for sequels, specially when much of it is anime original material. In this case, it turned out better than I expected ^^;.

    For me, D-Frag was all about Takao :p. Other than that I found it a bit too repetitive to be funny towards the second half.

    Elsie’s announcement made almost all readers dropped their jaws collectively XD. It does explain a lot of stuff from the beginning to the end of the manga.

    I didn’t even bother trying WIXOSS :p.

    First episode of Blade & Soul suggested it was going to be just bland and generic fantasy stuff. I’ll likely not watch more of this one.


  2. P3r50n5_UnKnWn
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 14:56:17

    ^Agreeing to the jaw drops with Elsie. XD What she is, you ask, I have an idea on it. It’s basically been explained by her words combined with the panels. XD

    Well, I have plans to watch Chu2Koi Ren some time in this summer break (where I am is summer, in case you’re wondering). I don’t know if I’ll like that “more cheese”. Maybe I will. XD

    Everything else I have yet to watch, so thanks for the insights on it. XD XD


  3. baka~
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 00:27:32


    Could she be the mother of all the evil spirits that reside in the girls’ hearts? Well, the way she explains her circumstance hints that she doesn’t treat herself much of a “being” but rather a “thing”. As to what she really is, we’ll have to find out.


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