Sunday’s Best

Kill la Kill may have its dull moments but this was never a dull anime. With everything going over the top, the nonsense plot, the fanservice (or manservice for those with preferences), Kill la Kill was a good series that delivered 24 episodes of entertainment.

Despite the episode starting off with the grand melee, I liked how they were able to sum things up in order to highlight the battle between Ryuuko and Ragyou.

If there’s one thing that you should really take notice of this series, it’s its competency in taking shortcuts while leaving everything intact. The series may have its habit of rushing things but it surprisingly uses its plot devices quite well that I don’t really mind whenever they try to pull something over the top or incomprehensible from their asses.

Which is what Kill la Kill is.

The entire series in a nutshell

Despite hinting that the life fibers may invade again and the fact that Ryuuko is the last known life fiber to exist, overall, this episode gave everything its proper closure: Ragyou’s defeat, Senketsu’s farewell, humanity’s freedom symbolized by the truth that we can wear anything that we want

I teared up a bit. That was so manly Senketsu.

Kill la Kill ends, Build Fighters in pursuit and a couple more anime that I need to deal with before Spring Anime arrives, all of this under the scorching summer sun.

Dat Satsuki


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  1. x
    Mar 30, 2014 @ 22:24:10

    So ends one of my favourites this (and last) season. Uchuu Kyoudai “ended” as well (I’m pretty sure it will be back at some point :p).


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