When one RG Build Knuckle isn’t enough…

I watched this episode last Monday but didn’t have the time to write something about it. That said, I’ve started reading Build Fighters Amazing and reading the latest chapter after what happened in this episode really gave all those feels.

Jumping out of the bishounen stereotype and plunging in the list of most amazing dorks would be Mr. A-Meijin, Yuuki Tatsuya. His 6 chapter story so far in Build Fighters Amazing have really fleshed out his personality, evidenced by his burning passion for gunpla which resulted in his sense of imagination.

Which we probably sympathize with. I mean, if you’re playing a game that you’re hooked at (i.e. cards or pokemon or moba), you can’t help yourself imagine at times if a strategy that you cooked up recently would work. We are all passionate with the games we love, the things we enjoy. And for someone who sympathizes with that cause, my rage at the injustice that Yuuki suffered is justified.

And it’s not just because Mashita took all of Yuuki’s hard work and preparation and threw them out of the window but he simply threw Yuuki’s game off. Simply put, he made Yuuki look bad. He made Yuuki SUCK.

I mean, seriously, Trans-Am on a closed area? Feeding the Absorb Shield? Dark Matter Exia may be one hell of a machine but having a zombie pilot it backed with someone who has shit for brains is humiliating.

Oh not again

And let’s not forget Sunrise’ ass pull. Remember AGE and Fawn Farsia? Not only did they bring a fist to a fucking gun/sword fight, they also turned the Gundam to a fucking magical girl? Seriously, WTF?!

I liked how they corrupted Yuuki by forcing the Embody system into him but disliked how everything else went: Aqua Mode, Double RG, and Mashita. As one commenter from youtube said, that asshole deserves an RG Build Knuckle straight through the balls.


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  1. x
    Mar 30, 2014 @ 22:20:20

    Sunrise does it again ^^;. Well, they sure know how to make the mess up in other shows look good. I’ve lost interest in this series (and pretty much every other Sunrise mecha or mecha related series). Going to stay away from Sunrise stuff for awhile :p.


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