Log Horizon


That feeling of relief when they just announced the second season XD

Log Horizon was quite the dark horse when it came around last season. I read the premise and thought of it as another SAO bullshit but after positive reviews, I decided to look at it myself.

And boy, was I dead wrong about it.

While we cannot say that Log Horizon is what Sword Art Online should’ve been, since they have different target demographic, Log Horizon stood its ground as a fantasy adventure genre based off MMORPG. It lures old time MMO gamers with the technicalities that we are familiar with in an MMORPG then slaps in a decent amount of character development that creates a cohesive plot and, ultimately, an interesting story.

And what I find shocking is that everything that we have experienced, 25 episodes ago, is all a set up. Everything was an introduction so far. The circumstance of the adventurers and how they managed to establish order despite the chaos of what they considered as an Apocalypse. Everything served as a prelude to the real story of Log Horizon: The one involving the truth of the world as well as the bonds shared by members of the Debauchery Tea Party. Because, let’s face it, the characters that Shiroe mentioned, Nureha and her gang, were probably once a member of that legendary group. And for some reason, these members of the Tea Party are prominent figures that is capable of altering the course of the world. Who they are, what they are, are a story left to be told some other time.

I also liked how they managed to slide in a study of Shiroe’s character in this very last episode. Come to think of it, this was the only time that we were able to hear Shiroe’s emotions straight from him: Regarding what Minori thinks to be sad at how Shiroe bears the burden yet how he is glad to play the “Villain”. It’s something incomprehensible but a justification nonetheless of the depth of Shiroe’s character.

Well, not everyone is willing to die for the sins of others y’know so props to Shiroe and his resolve.

So yeah, second season hurray! I do hope they don’t butcher it by serving a half-baked anime-original plot and ending. Seriously, they did a good job within these 25 episodes that I wouldn’t want it ruined by slapping in some shit for the sake of profit.


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  1. x
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 03:46:26

    Agreed with (almost?) everything you said :p.

    I honestly wasn’t expecting a second season (though I was wishing for it :p). I have to say that I liked the way they presented this last arc. In some ways, it was more enjoyable than reading the novel chapters that these episodes covered. Decided not to read more of the novel until after watching season two XD.

    Yeah, I hope this doesn’t mean badly written anime original material halfway through the second season :p. Thing is, currently there are only two volumes of the novel that has not been covered by the anime (if they follow the same pacing as this season, it should be enough material for ten episodes). However, these two volumes were published in 2013. No volumes were published in 2012. The five volumes that were covered by the first season were all published (in LN form) in 2011 (this story was first published online in 2010). My speculation is that there are a least a few more volumes (already written and completed) that could be published before the end of this year (which should easily give enough material for a second season…).


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