Reap What Is Sown

As much as I sympathize with Shichimiya, we have to remember that she was the one who ran away without confronting her feelings. And in doing so, she gets what she deserves.

Not that I hate her, on the contrary, I like her character more than Rikka. Her overly lively personality that contrasts the swirl of emotions that she kept bottled inside is one trait of how vast her character can be explored. People that has more depth in them is interesting to observe. It’s not just seeing them triumph over their emotions but the drama when they break provides a lot of insight (sadistic is it not?) and such as Shichimiya’s case in this episode.


Her accumulated regrets and various stages of denial tormented her until she broke and it’s quite interesting how things will progress from here on. Will she give up her “magical powers” to fight Rikka for Yuuta’s affection or will she confine herself to her own world?

What’s interesting to note here is how this episode (and the previous one) cemented the opposite motivations that govern both Rikka and Shichimiya. Despite Rikka having doubts of her self and her relationship with Yuuta, she chose to continue her retarded stunts because Yuuta accepted her while Shichimiya, despite acting strong and energetic, continued her magical girl fiasco because it is her way of escaping reality, of forgetting her regrets.

With 2 episodes left, I wonder how they will end their respective ordeals. I do hope Shichimiya finds her happy ending despite what she did. She suffered long enough because of her regrets, it’s high time she faced the consequences of her actions and move on.


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  1. x
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 00:15:40

    Shichimiya!!! T_T


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