Cursed Sunrise

Being Aila is suffering

This series IS a Sunrise show alright. After presenting it with a content that’s really promising, it slowly teeters its way to oblivion. And if I have to name a culprit, it would probably be…

I’m not really against a character’s special move but I do think that the RG Build Knuckle doesn’t show the respect it deserves to the rest of the characters. I mean, Mao’s creativity in creating the Maoh Sword was defeated by a measly knuckle. Nils’ chinese-style Plavsky burst was defeated by a measly knuckle. Even Aila’s Plavsky detection got jammed by a MEASLY KNUCKLE. JUST WHAT THE FUCK?!


Sunrise presented these characters to be powerful bosses. Skilled in their own right, capable in their craft, and they all got their asses handed to them by one BUILD KNUCKLE?! ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING?!

I’m not underestimating the Build Knuckle here. I AM underestimating the direction that this series is headed after Sei and Reiji’s hot-blooded battle with Fellini. Because to be honest, that was one episode where the Build Knuckle made sense. If I recall correctly, the Build Knuckle was a move that contains such huge risk. Using it would be an all or nothing gamble yet after that battle, Sei and Reiji has been using it constantly and so far, the drawbacks have never been as grave as what happened to the Star Build Strike after its battle with Fellini.

But the biggest disappointment of all would be Aila’s battle.

It’s not that I hate comeback victories but Reiji and Sei’s victory against Aila was VERY shallow. It was obvious how skilled Aila was and how Reiji wasn’t able to do something against her yet he won thanks to some “Light of the Heart” bullshit (I’ll get to you later Meijin).

Which leads us to my next point. I hate main characters who stay weak. For someone trying to prove themselves to be the best and rise to the challenge, the fact that Reiji and Sei wasn’t able to best Aila in terms of skill makes me doubt how they would fare against Meijin. And this is the guy that they are supposed to beat. What would they do? Use the BUILD KNUCKLE again for an easy win?

Sei the Genius

Despite the inconsistencies, the past few episodes were able to deliver interesting sides in the form of Sei’s ingenuity.

His ability to produce countermeasures against their opponents, so far, have amazed me. Not because he was able to prepare comprehensive, elaborate schemes to win but he’s able to pull off stop-gap solutions to handle any situation. Take for instance, Sei’s idea of using paint to expose the funnels. Fellini did the same thing but we have to credit thefact that Sei wasn’t able to see Fellini do it during his match yet he was able to draw an idea despite the issues they had to deal with.

Otaku Meijin

Despite the pressure that Meijin brings with his presence, I can’t help but notice how he says the most idiotic things.

And I guess that’s the charm of it. Yuuki Tatsuya, despite his good looks and elegance, is a bonafide otaku. He doesn’t give a shit what people think of him, all that matters is that he is serious with Gunpla, backing it up with his mad skills and his deep respect for others.

To be honest, I would like it if they made a spin-off series having him as the lead. But well, next episode will be more on the Meijin title so i’ll be looking forward to that in earnest. That and can’t wait to see Dark Matter Exia XD


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Mar 08, 2014 @ 20:34:58

    The knuckle is not that big a deal when compared to what else Sunrise have come up with in other series IMO :p. Well, this will end after the final match if I’m not mistaken. Many of the sub-plots were wrapped up too fast as well. I’m guessing they could have expanded each sub-plot to be much longer but they didn’t get the budget for it or something.


  2. baka~
    Mar 08, 2014 @ 21:14:23

    Yes, Sunrise did far worse with the others but I just can’t help and regret the potential that this series had. Not that the other series never had potential but this one in particular managed to hold its ground for 14+ episodes before the downhill slide. And yes, they rushed the subplots that could’ve been expanded in sequels. Well, if they plan on wrapping up everything for this season then be my guest.


  3. Anonymous
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 13:59:08

    there is a spin-off manga where Yuki is the lead titled “Gundam Build Fighters Amazing (ガンダムビルドファイターズA(アメイジング))” the manga goes back 10 years before the anime.


  4. baka~
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 23:55:05

    10 years? So that makes Yuki very young then along with the research with the Plavsky particles. Interesting. I’ll check this one out.


    • Prawn (the previous Anon)
      Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:14:27

      just some heads up, mangafox uploaded the manga, “”


  5. milesvibritannia
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 14:00:31

    I would say that a lot of the Build Knuckle moments are a bit deus ex machina ish, but at the same time it never really concerned me all too much. To begin with, I went into Build Fighers expecting a kids’ show (where saying occurrences like that are common is a huge understatement), and from that angle I’d say Build Fighters has impressed me a lot more than I anticipated. It is true that the Build Knuckle is often a convenient victory device, though it never really ruins my enjoyment of the match overall since it can pretty much be assumed that Reiji and Sei have to win their matches either way.

    I would definitely say that Reiji/Sei vs Fellini was one of my favorite matches of the anime but I wouldn’t say the series went downhill beyond that. Perhaps the intensity of the matches wasn’t quite on that level (which I suppose is room for criticism considering what should be higher stakes, though honestly the following matches still aren’t “bad”) but at the same time I felt the series made up for it with everything else, there was lots of characterization and even a Build Knuckle couldn’t ruin what I felt was a fantastic episode about Aila. All things considered I felt Build Fighters did a pretty good job with development, and the fact that I really didn’t have high expectations for this series at all when I started allowed me to love it a great deal by the end.


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