Game Design 101

Therefore, any game that falls under the criteria of ‘fun’ should be considered… something else

If you make a game for a living, it’s understandable that you would want to make that game sell in order to compensate for the time and effort you invested in trying to produce that game. The problem however, is when we see video games as “just” tools for profit and neglect the very essence of what video games stood for.

Something that D-Frag nailed in one episode.

Even if you had an epiphany of a ‘brand new’ game, let’s face it, its mechanics is probably a rip-off of some ‘other’ famous game

Game designs should be provide a fun experience. Whether or not the player spends money for the game, by the end of the day, a game should always be “fun”.

I apologize for this rant, seeing this episode of D-Frag simply reminded me what a game was supposed to be. If a game isn’t selling well, let’s not point fingers at the artist or at the programmer, let’s review the design of the game since a game’s design will determine the fun factor that would appeal to the player.

I never had any hopes with this series but 3 episodes later and I found myself laughing my guts out. And props to Chiwa Saito for acting two of the most craziest characters of this season. D-Frag and Nourin are already enjoyable but having one crazy motherfucker among the cast makes the entire series a blast!


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  1. x
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 05:23:16

    Yeah this turn out to be more interesting than I thought in some ways, though I do still find many of the jokes kind of miss the mark for me ^^;. Having said that, this is still fun, even if it’s not as fun as idiotic Nourin IMO :p.


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