Monogatari Series

After 26 thought-provoking episodes, this series finally came to a…


I really liked how they dropped that one troll of an ending for this series. Despite being bored for the past 26 episodes thanks to the gratuitous amounts of dialogue, the Monogatari series isn’t without meaning. The content it delivers per arc explores the character and the philosophy which, if anything, has always been this series’ strongest point (aside from the visuals and seiyuu cast).

Though there are still a lot of elements left unanswered such as who is Oshino Ougi? What of Kanbaru’s arc? Who is Gaen? etc. As a whole, this series was good. It was boring, but good. And it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to ask for another season just to see things close properly. Answer all the things left unanswered and deliver to us the completion of Nisio Isin’s work.


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  1. x
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 05:23:06

    Sigh. I love this series, but at this rate I’m wondering if I’ll still be interested in it by the time the third season (or whatever sequel season assuming it does get made) comes around :p. This troll ending at the very last moment was frustrating for me to watch ^^;. Kanbaru’s arc is said to be coming sometime in 2014 I think, and who knows if the ever delayed movie will appear while I’m still mildly interested in watching it OTL. Beyond that, there seem to be more material from the novel that’s not adapted. I wonder how many more years do we have to wait before we see the end to this story ^^;.


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