Valvrave the Liberator

Expect it for Sunrise to produce a lame-assed excuse for a villain…

The problem with how Sunrise use and abuse its plot devices is that it comes without warning. Like in Code Geass R2 where they just put the blame on VV, the Magius simply narrated their hardship and suffering in one episode.

For someone who was oppressed and shit, I question their attitude towards Liselotte, their attitude towards humanity as a whole. Does that look like someone willing to coexist peacefully? Why not come out and blatanly reveal that they simply wanted to enslave all of humanity? That would make sense rather than some measly attempt to justify whatever it is that they were doing.

Though if I have to applaud Sunrise, it would be their consistency in producing this kind of a troll. Seriously, seeing this episode made me fear for Gundam Build Fighters. It was a series that started off good but shit may go down the drain without a moment’s notice. Then again, Valvrave started as shit. It just trolled me in season 2 into thinking that there might still be hope for this series.

I did like Haruto’s fate though. Not that I was overjoyed by the fact that it was L-Elf, not Saki or Shoko, who got him (lol bromance?) but rather, it was a fate fitting for a fuck-up like him. I mean, Haruto did so many mess-ups with this series that this honorable death is the one true compensation for it. Tokishima Haruto deserved to die for all his fuck-ups. His incompetency, his naivety, for people to realize his dream, the dreamer had to die.

So fast forward into the future where we see Shoko donning Haruto’s pilot suit and aliens (Magius) come down to infiltrate… Yeah, I remember it was Liselotte’s dream to have humans and Magius co-exist but after the purge that humanity conducted after revealing the scandal of the Magius, I won’t be surprised if all-out war broke out.

With so many shit left unanswered and half-baked plots, Valvrave is STILL a big disappointment. Just, FUCK YOU SUNRISE! I pray you don’t turn GBF into trash like this.


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