BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Let’s go under the assumption that only I watched this series…

BlazBlue: Alter Memory was surprisingly good. It’s not as enjoyable when compared to the rest of what the previous season offered but it was decent in its own right. If there’s one complaint however, it’s that they didn’t flesh out that the overall plot of BlazBlue.

Don’t get me wrong, they nailed the main story of Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift. What they did fail at was portraying that there are multiple timelines that went through the same experience highlighting on the supporting characters.

Correct me if I’m wrong but one thing that makes BlazBlue interesting is that it abuses its setting of multiple timelines as it narrates the story of its characters. While the game initially portrays that some characters have no relation whatsoever with one another, they have, at other events held in other timelines, interacted on more that one occasion. We see who they are for what they are and how they interact with others. The very feat that this series lacked.

But hey, despite all that, this was still a good series. It has a powerful cast and the plot isn’t as boring as I thought it would be. Also, if I’m not mistaken, they revised some of the in-game bgm for this series. Can’t wait to download a torrent for that one.


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