Unbreakable Machine Doll

Can someone post a GIF of Frey? Please??

This series reminds me of Infinite Stratos season 1. It was a blatant harem anime but when it focused on the action, it delivered the enjoyable content. I do hope that the second season don’t turn out to be some shitty IS season 2 rip-off and if anything, please improve the fucking animation quality.

If there’s one thing TOTALLY bad with this series, it’s the animation quality. Talk about fucking eye-cancer!

Overall, this series was enjoyable. While the comedic shit gets tiring, especially with Raishin and Yaya’s usual banter, the antics are still a material for giggles.

Though to be honest, I’m more interested with how Raishin plans on exacting his revenge. What happened between him, his sister, and his brother, and whatever plans Karyuusai has in mind. But seeing as Raishin has still a lot of battles ahead of him, especially with the rules of the Evening Party, the potential for him to improve his ability will have its course. Though I hope they manage to get the funds to see how this story ends.

Risa Taneda’s voice range… daaaaaamn

Let’s also not forget how much of a powerhouse cast this series offered. Hiro Shimono and Harada Hitomi’s tandem makes me miss Baka to Test already! They certainly did a good job with their roles as Raishin and Yaya especially with their constant banter. Never expected Risa Taneda to end up as the antagonist for this season nor for her to turn out to be some chick. Though to be honest, it creeped me out how she transformed to her true form then suddenly changed voices… It’s disturbing and amusing to an extent.


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  1. x
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 21:37:39

    This series turned out better than I expected. Even the animation wasn’t too bad for me, as I expected much worst after seeing the PV :p. This is one creepy story, no matter how they might try to spin it. The comedy is fun, but it gets tiring after a while. Just like IS, I see myself losing interest in this story eventually. Will see if the BDs/DVDs sell well. It would be even more of a waste if the second season of this one (assuming it ever gets made) ends up similar to IS2, as the story is definitely told better than in IS. Now if only the translations of the novel can get moving :p (as I don’t see the manga getting anywhere fast).


  2. baka~
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 21:50:42

    I guess i’m more interested in how much Raishin is willing to be an avenger. He has made a lot of friends at this point and when shit goes down and he has to face each of them, will he have what it takes all so that he can kill his brother?


  3. x
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 22:56:08

    As an avenger, Raishin seem to have too much doubts, and seem to prioritise saving any damsel in distress first before anything else ^^; (even Yaya feels neglected :p). It’s interesting, but the more “friends” he pick up, the less likely I see him achieving his goal. Also, with so much conspiracy going on, there’s just too much that’s not known, and his goal might change at some point. The thing that might keep me more interested in this story are actually the purpose, motive, and desires of other characters aside from the Raishin and his “friends” ;), like Shoko, Kimberley, Magnus, …


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