The Avenger


It’s really wrong for Yamada to carry on Inuzuka’s shield. He’s no guardian after all, he’s an avenger! He’s meant to kick ass and kill as many assholes while he’s breathing. That being said…



Why the fuck does Sunrise keep killing the sensible characters?! First was Inuzuka and now, Yamada! Seriously, Q-Vier may be L-Elf and A-Dre’s friend but I won’t be satisfied if that shit doesn’t die next episode. FUCK!!

At this point, I’m having doubts with the Shoko x Haruto ship. While Shoko’s decisions as prime minister makes sense, she’s becoming one annoying sunuvabitch, despite what she learned, as shown by Plue.

But there’s always Rukino. She may be a bitch back in season 1 but she’s another sensible character that’s best suited to help Haruto in his suffering.

Never expected H-Neun to actually record his conversation with Cain. Will X-Eins die in his effort to avenge his friend?

Now that the jig is up, I wonder what steps that Magius plan on doing now? They are practically everywhere and even if the citizens of the world decide to unite and fight against them, their preemptive strike may be the most critical blow against humanity. I mean, these guys are some cult-secret organization. They better not disappoint me by not having a back-up plan of sorts.

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