Outbreak Company

Don’t you hate it when the purest of intentions gets twisted for devious ends?

Falling in-line with, to an extent, KinMoza or Ikoku Meiro, Outbreak Company delivered an interesting perspective as to how cultural barriers can be challenged with unconventional methods such as anime and manga.

The concept is hardly new by now (points to Kaminomi) but it is still a fresh point of view as to how this series delivered its message and how the twist came to light that they planned on using it as an invasion scheme – Which actually worked.

To be honest, I never expected a plausible resolution to this entire conflict. The fact that Shinichi was able to thwart the government’s plans is absurd but with how the eleven previous episodes invested on his efforts and gained enough allies, it makes sense. It justified Shinichi’s gambit in facing Motuba’s superiors as well as the threats on his life.

Overall, this series was satisfying. It showed a proper process of how otaku culture can invade and break communication and cultural barriers. The hardships and discrimination associated with it as well as its joys in accepting. I’m not too sure what to expect should there be a second season since this felt like a happy end of sorts but hey, if they have a reason to milk their cow and it sells itself well, then why not?

This is probably the second time I heard Hanae Natsuki in detail. The first was in Tari Tari and even though extremely brief, the other was in Crime Edge (which this series references most of the time). Though I disliked Crime Edge anime adaptation, I have to say that his role as Shinichi is the most significant for me.

His way of acting fits the character and the plot well and I really enjoyed his antics.

Since I didn’t watch Girls and Panzer, this is my 1st time being familiar with Mai Fuchigami’s style on a lead role for this season (the 2nd is in Arpeggio). And looking back, her style in voicing Maekawa in Denpa Onna showed no hint that she’s capable of acting this well. I do hope she lands on more roles in the future. She’s a good seiyuu but needs more exposure.

Maaya Uchida already had a lengthy profile but I never expected her voice range to enable her to take on such roles. I was under the impression that she’ll be famous with moe-type and ditsy characters but nee-san roles? Well color me surprised!


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  1. x
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 00:12:48

    One of my favourites of the season :D. There’s just so much “win” with this one. Lovable characters, great voice acting, tons amusing references, good execution, interesting story, fun storytelling, beautiful art and more…

    Matoba is such a schemer :p. Walking the fine line without actually getting caught. Dropping hints and even outright expose the “invasion” plan while still maintaining the façade needed to protect himself, making him one of the most helpful “villain” that I’ve seen in any anime this season (that didn’t look like an idiot) ^^;.

    Shinichi is probably what kept me wanting more of this anime more than any other character in this show :p. His fun antics and hilarious interactions remind me of Keima in TWGOK, but much better portrayed and executed.

    As for the other characters, I’d say that they were all well portrayed. Even the minor characters were fun to watch.

    No idea what they will do if and when they make a second season, but I’ll be interested to at least give it a try, assuming they can at least maintain the same level of quality as this one. Not too many animes get it right on so many fronts, and it might be harder to repeat such a performance in a second season.


  2. baka~
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 00:51:27

    As Shinichi pointed out, Matoba would rather save his own skin than devote his life to a directive. While that still isn’t admirable, I have to applaud the practicality of his approach. Though in the end, which would he prefer? Shinichi and the Eldant people or the Japanese Government?

    His fun antics and hilarious interactions remind me of Keima in TWGOK, but much better portrayed and executed.

    This is probably the strongest point of this series. The execution, the content. They don’t rush through things (or perhaps subtle about it) and delivers what needs to be said, what needs to be done. Too bad though, there’s not so much progress in the romantic development but hey, not every harem needs to be so blatant about it (points to IS).

    Yeah, second seasons are were things usually start to fuck up. Though if there is one for this series, I hope they manage to pull a proper continuation.


  3. x
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 01:51:04

    Matoba wouldn’t have to do so much “save his own skin” if he didn’t give Shinichi enough information about what was really going on at the critical moment. He could have easily avoid trouble by feeding Shinichi yet another run around (maybe claiming serious problems with his superiors without exposing what was really going on), or he could have told Shinichi to personally go to Japan to get more material without any intentions of letting Shinichi come back :p. Question is if that were to happen, would Minori have broken protocol and revealed the truth to Shinichi (as she seem to be in on the conspiracy)? I have my doubts whether she would or could.

    Not admirable? I’m not so sure about that, but I think he doesn’t get enough credit for what he did. If anything, I’d say that Matoba did Shinichi a lot of favours, while not compromising on his own position. He left it up to Shinichi to decide on what to do next. He gave Shinichi the right to decide, and treated Shinichi as an independent person rather than as a subordinate that he could easily get rid off if there were any signs of potential insubordination. Though it is still a devious scheme, as he made sure most if not all the risks were not his plate :p; without him doing things this way, Shinichi probably wouldn’t get an opportunity to even react to what was going on before it was too late (unless Minori broke protocol and exposed the conspiracy, but that’s a possibility that can no longer be explored since Matoba did reveal the conspiracy :p).

    As for the romance… Well, it spices up the story, but I don’t really see it as core to the plot as in many other stories with similar harem set up. One thing good about this story is that it is interesting even without the romance (unlike IS, where the only interesting thing is the romance, and even that isn’t well portrayed :p). It would be nice to see more romance in this one, but I think they did well for twelve episodes.


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