Glory to the Unsung Hero

If there’s one thing I consider to be great tear-jerkers, it’s the setting where we, the viewers, accompany the protagonist in his epic struggles only to find out that he gives up his life at the end.

While I am sadistic to an extent, I honor the effort and hard work that others put in whatever they do. And for a man to uphold such sworn duty, struggling as hard as he could to save those he loves, to give up his very life, pained and tempered with hardship and suffering, is the most symbolic, the most meaningful sacrifice that I find moving.

And such was Steins;Gate

The series ran for 24 episodes. Some of them were boring as fuck, but I still went on, accompanying Okabe Rintarou as he rattled his brains to come to a solution to save those he values the most…

And he did.

Only that, they didn’t know he saved them.

Rintarou embarked on a lonely adventure. Sure, at times, he came to a reprieve by understanding more of the rest of the characters, especially Kurisu, but by the end of the day, when he decides to go back in time to save Mayuri, he alone had to walk that path. Being a loner is one thing, being lonely is another. And to be honest, Okabe’s quest was a painfully, lonely one.

Add in that fact with the events that unfold in this movie and I can’t help but shed manly tears for the man who endured such hardship and ended up with such a fate.


If anything, Burdened Domain of Deja Vu is an ode of sorts that narrates Okabe Rintarou’s suffering. It is a recognition to his efforts and the unveiling of the truth that he went through tons of shit to save everyone. And I like it. The recognition that this unsung hero deserves gives him justice. Okabe Rintarou himself may have been fine if he gets forgotten and shit but not those who have observed his endeavor: the viewers and Kurisu.

But of course, this isn’t just a narrative from Kurisu’s perspective, this is a tale that narrates how the people around Kurisu became her reason, her conviction, for saving Okabe. For facing her true feelings and coming in terms to her emotions rather than reason. Don’t get me wrong though, what she did was crazy shit but she had to do it if she wanted to continue on living as a human being.

Damn, you certainly hit the jackpot there Daru!

It’s probably obvious by now how I liked this movie. It feels like a closure of sorts to Okabe Rintarou’s adventure as well as a fleshing out of Makise Kurisu’s role as Okabe’s love interest and how important she is to his salvation. Too bad though, we didn’t get to see how Daru met with Amane Yuki. Man, he really scored big time with her!


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