The Convergence

Oh man, your theory about Nikaido hit the spot X!

Those eyes are definitely the giveaway

Call it cliche or whatever but FUCK YEAH! Turns out Nikaidou was indeed the human embodiment of Dokurou. I wonder what her relationship with Akari is =/


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  1. x
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 05:01:44

    Do-chan! XD (I like this name much better :p).

    “Nikaidou” now seem more like a name derived from “second Dokurou” or something ;).

    Do-chan mentions in this chapter that she is effectively human. Wasn’t Akari was the one that was portrayed to be obsessed with “making” a human? I’m guessing that might be part of Do-chan’s link to Akari. Will be interesting to see how they meet.

    The way Do-chan acts in this chapter does worry me a bit as it feels as if she is preparing for the worst and something really bad might happen to her in the near future T_T (and she seem to know what is about to happen as well, so the plan to find/create the “good ending” seem to be still ongoing).

    Still wondering what the goddesses will end up doing. Keima’s work “in the past” is not exactly done yet either (I wonder what will happen there). I’m still wondering about that scene in the prologue with Keima staring at his younger self. Now it seem to me that the scene is actually the younger Keima in the older Keima’s body staring at the older Keima in the younger Keima’s body ^^; (confusing :p).


  2. baka~
    Dec 23, 2013 @ 01:41:03

    It seems you have grown fond of Nikaidou there 😀

    But interesting theory with Akari. For whatever reason, there must be a need for Nikaidou to become Dokourou’s human avatar. Perhaps this is needed to pass themselves off as a means to avoid detection from Vintage.

    We still haven’t seen Urara yet and from Diana’s interaction with Dokurou, it seems that something happened back then between her, Dokurou, and future Keima.


  3. x
    Dec 23, 2013 @ 22:13:12

    There has been many speculations thrown around about Do-chan becoming human. Like you say, avoiding detection is one of them. Others I’ve seen are:
    – There’s a lack of male devils, so… you get the picture ^^;.
    – She can no longer sustain her form after time travelling so much, as a last resort, Akari’s solution was to turn her into a human.

    Will be interesting to see if Urara appears in the story again.

    As for Diana’s interaction, do you mean Tenri’s?


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