Unveiling the Truth of the World

The build-up that led to this episode may be a painful journey lead by trolls and suffering but IT. WAS. GLORIOUS!

Everything is as cliche as it can get: Shoko accidentally finding out the truth about Haruto’s sacrifice, “To be a monster for her sake”, A-Drei finding out about the truth behind L-Elf’s actions, L-Elf finding out the truth about Liselotte, and Haruto finding out that the truth is too much a burden for one man to carry.


While a part of me is tad annoyed by these unexpected turn of events, I have to say that having grown weary of being trolled, I was willing to accept any truth that comes my way and I don’t know how this episode would’ve been perceived by others but as things fell in its place, the vague puzzle finally became clearer.

True, it hasn’t solved the questions, the sins left by the past, but at the very least, we now have a clear goal as to what the characters want to do.

The impact of this single episode created a big turnaround when it comes to character popularity. Well, Haruto will always be shit but I never expected A-Drei to honor his friendship with L-Elf, as late as it may seem. Seeing that L-Elf was formerly royalty, I’m beginning to think that the child that Saki and Renbokoji was accompanying, 200 years in the future was a descendant of his, not L-Elf’s. Well, since they both swore to change the corrupt system by bringing forth a revolution, I wouldn’t be surprised if L-Elf and A-Drei banded together to fulfill their dream.

Speaking of which, I never expected L-Elf to be quite a… romantic? I mean, honestly, he loved Liselotte so much that he was willing to fight a long and hard battle just to realize her dream? Man, that’s GAR beyond words! That’s probably the most romantic thing a guy would do for a girl he loves in the face of tragedy.

And Yamada continues his streak of awesomeness! This episdoe really reinforced how reliable he is as an ally. He may be emotional and may make irrational choices most of the time but he knows where his heart is and I really appreciate how his character was conceived.

With all these resolutions out of the way, we can finally say that the real battle against the Magius starts now. Man, I wish the next episode would come sooner!


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