Remember the Hero

Kids act high and mighty after all, and this episode reminded me how annoying it is to see children fall.

Seeing Inuzuka sacrifice himself to teach stupid children a lesson AFTER seeing Takao do the same just made my mood sour. I honestly wanted to punch someone, throw my phone and curse Shoko and her stupidity.

Then again, why not blame Haruto for being the wuss that he is? By keeping stuff up, shit like that broke down. And not just about their little expedition to Earth, even waaaaaay before. The truth about his immortal body, his urges, the Valvraves.


What I frustratingly liked about this episode though is how close it is in portraying humanity’s trust issues. Give them a little bit of despair and their resolve crumbles. Their wills and trust for friends.

Now that Wingman no. 1 is gone, it’s up to Yamada now to carry on the bro code. Despite his boorish demeanor, I honestly enjoyed his sense of camaraderie. I do hope this guy survives at the end or if not, giving him an epic death that he deserves.

I would’ve liked it if Aina had one last cameo, finally welcoming Inuzuka or whatever in the afterlife. I mean, this is one true bro who stood up for his friends. Even in death, give him a happy ending, dammit!

While it makes sense for Shoko to actually question Inuzuka’s intentions, since it was revealed that they were monsters/zombies and shit, I really do wonder how shallow her character turned out to be. I mean, this is the guy who has been your friend for 2 or so years. Even if you found out he’s some freak of nature, the fact that he still has his sanity and is out there covering your ass should justify the bond you had with him. The fuck girl?


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