My Captain

Rest assured, you have a place in our hearts. You did well, Takao.

This episode is depressing as fuck. How can one not shed manly tears for Takao’s sacrifice? Seriously, that girl (ship, whatever) worked so hard to be noticed by Gunzou that she held on even at the end to her feelings, and I just can’t help but admire her for that.

It is a selfish human desire but let’s face it, nobody wants to be left alone. To see their loved ones die and leave us in grief is the greatest burden left for those who survived

I’m a sucker for happy endings and like with the rest, we all wish that Takao do come back once the blue fleet manages to acquire sufficient nano-materials to reconstruct her body. I sure hope her core remains with Gunzou’s care and he should at least recognize the greatness of her sacrifice.

If there is one thing though, Takao’s sacrifice created a miracle that goes beyond what the Fleet of Fog expected. And it’s not just Iona’s revival but the fact this is a Heavy Cruiser combining with a submarine manned with human intellect. This is disturbingly dangerous imo. The Fog may have made its greatest mistake of letting this anomaly surface and though the twins may look cute and all, I can’t wait for Iona to serve them the spanking they deserve.

While it was revealed that it was the twins all along, I can’t get this nagging feeling that Kongou’s obsession will drive her to be the final boss for this series. But in all honesty, I did feel sorry for her. It was ironic when the truth dawned upon her as to how she became the anomaly she despised.

I don’t know if Kongou did consider Maya as her friend but her realization created that lonely atmosphere. Realizing that she was betrayed by her beliefs and left alone in her grief, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went insane.


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  1. x
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 02:01:57

    Really sad T_T. Not just for Takao, but also for Kongou. Takao express her love more and more. Kongou hates more and more. Quite the contrast. Not that many episodes left.


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