The Benevolent Tyrant


Isaac threatens Shiroe with WAR


While it was hinted in the previous episodes of what Shiroe’s aim was, I never expected his control of the entire guild building could be that decisive. Never mind the guild, the fact that he has absolute monopoly on who gets to access the bank is pretty much GG to anyone who chooses to oppose him.

Hear that? That’s Soujirou’s shaking voice. You know shit just got real when Soujiro’s voice falters.

Now that Log Horizon, despite the measly number of its members, is able to secure the most important position in all of Akihabara, what’s interesting to see now is how Shiroe would make it work. A part of me believes that he won’t abuse his new-found power but therein lies its greatest deception. Power cannot be truly controlled and when you think you control it, it controls you instead. Will Shiroe uphold his principles and continue being the benevolent tyrant that he is or will he becomes someone despised by the people?

I think it makes sense why Tohya was all gung-ho with the game. For someone robbed of the ability to walk and lives his life in the confines of a hospital, the freedom granted by ones imagination is too good to ignore. Though, I have a feeling this becomes a burden to Minori. Save from the fact that she had to go through shit within the game, the fact that she’s responsible for Tohya IRL must also mean something. An obligation? A regret? A sin? A cross that she has to bear.

It would be interesting what story this siblings hold but for now, as Akatsuki mentions it, they both need to rest.


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  1. x
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 06:20:01

    Benevolent tyrant? Well, given how Shiroe operates, I think it’s hard to even give people an impression of him that’s anything but a “villain” :p. He uses secrecy to the maximum advantage of his goals, and positions himself in bad light seemingly without care. He also seem to enjoy provoking others and make use of people’s reactions and emotions towards his goal (without caring or realising that they might hold it against him later). Don’t get me wrong, I like the way this guy work XD. In the long term though, I just can’t see the general populous be willing to accept the way he does things, even if they benefit greatly from it (I suppose if he has a good publicist, that could improve things a bit for him, but so far I don’t see any character who would, or is able to, do that for him :p).

    As for Minori, I think it’s a sense of responsibility, maybe some obligation, but I suspect it’s mostly just that she is simply a caring person. Tohya is also her twin brother that she loves dearly, and they seem to encourage each other a lot, with Tohya seemingly encouraging Minori more often than the other way around.


  2. baka~
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 08:34:10

    I don’t know how self-aware Shiroe is nor does he give a fuck if others hate him. I guess he’s the type to not sit by idly when things don’t improve. Come to think of it, his decision to be the biggest dick in Akihabara was driven by his adventures, his their circumstance. Not just the valid points he raised in Suzukino but the definition that he holds for the game.

    I guess Shiroe hates the fact that people don’t want to grow. Whether they relying on him to spoon-feed them or them monopolizing individuals for their personal interests. His sense of justice may be no better but the way he does it are a necessary evil needed in a world that’s slowly turning into hell.

    Then again, every hell needs a demon to govern it. And while Akihabara may hate Shiroe for it, I guess they would choose him any time of the day if they saw what happened to Suzukino.


  3. x
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 14:25:23

    Necessary evil? Well, for the most part, I wouldn’t consider what he does to be “evil” :p. The trouble is how he goes about it and how he presents it. Many would see it as nothing but underhanded methods to get his way XD.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do think that Shiroe’s proposal will be accepted, as the leaders of guilds seem like reasonable people who will be receptive Shiroe’s goals. I also do think that much of Akihabara will accept and even praise what Shiroe is proposing if it is implemented successfully. However, I get the feeling that Shiroe himself won’t get much of the credit (unless he has others to help improve his reputation somehow :p).


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