Understanding “Why?”

I am not a very religious person but after seeing this episode, I can’t help but notice certain similarities from the bible (Roman Catholic).

1) The Admirality Code: God

If the Admirality Code’s orders are absolute then why did it grant the ships mental models? By enabling the ships to gain consciousness, it allows them to think on their own and disobey its superior directives. Why would it do that? How does granting consciousness or allowing the ships to defect go in-line with its objectives?

2) Iona: The tale of the serpent and the tree

Whatever happened to Iona that made her “disobey” the Admirality Code must be similar to how Adam and Eve gained consciousness. How does her awareness relate to her affiliation with Gunzou? Her defection from the fog?

3) Blocking Maritime Commerce: The Tower of Babel

For what reason did the Admirality Code decided to hinder humanity’s progress? If it was supposed to be all-out extermination of humans, then why have the fog limited their intervention to the sea and air? If it is clear that they can strike humanity on land, then why did they hold back?

After Maya’s enthusiastic “Carnival ~da yo” last episode, I was expecting another showcase of visual effects and war tactics only to be caught by this episode’s surprise.

I seriously did not see that coming.

But I guess that is a logical move from Gunzou. Faced with disadvantages, I guess the best course of action would be to talk things through with the enemy.

Takao flirting with Gunzou, Kirishima being such a comedic relief (despite having an absurdly hot body episodes ago), Haruna being a slave to Makie’s (and Maya’s) antics. I wonder what Kongou felt after seeing her comrades have such a good time? The faint that she had looked lke she genuinely cares for their well-being but her devotion to the Admirality Code makes her blind and forces to see them as enemies.

Will Kongou realize something as she face off with Gunzou? And after her, what next? Already low on resources, I doubt Gunzoou can afford to have another enemy encounter after Kongou and Maya’s combined fleet.

Well, there are no new enemies revealed so far but crossing borders and heading to US may introduce new foes as well as some truths behind the existence of the fog. And seeing that it’s already 8 episodes out of 12, would it be safe to assume a second season for the western adventure of I-401 and co.?

Keep it up Takao! Let’s see how Gunzou uses you to your utmost capabilities

I wonder if we’ll be able to see Kirishima in her gorgeous body… Then again, for Makie’s convenience, the bear suits her fine


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  1. x
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 01:57:46

    No idea what the “Admiralty Code” is really about (though it reminds me of “Three Laws of Robotics”, except different :p), but my impression of “Fog” is that it was originally a fleet designed to imitate humanity, maybe with the intention of either integrating with, interacting with, subjugating, or even just testing/teaching humanity in some way. However, along the way, many things messed up, and the “Fog” ends up being mostly lost and confused with what seem to be mostly incomplete instructions ^^; . Iona’s origins seem suspicious. It makes me wonder if Gunzou’s father might be somehow involved in the creation of Iona.

    Yeah, I seriously didn’t expect this turn of events as well. I was expecting another all out battle, but what we got is basically a beach episode along with more discussions ;).

    Takao is fun to watch. Kirishima could have two bodies right? It doesn’t have to be either/or. Assuming they figure out how to replenish the materials needed that is :p. Then again, I suppose it’s less work to animate just the bear, and the comedy is more effective with the bear XD.

    I get the impression that winning Maya over shouldn’t be too hard if they can overcome her loyalty to Kongou. As for Kongou, despite being paranoid and worried of getting somehow “modified” by Gunzou to create her remote controlled appearance, I think she has been significantly influenced by Gunzou in more ways than she realise.


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