Plavsky Particles

Why discover something revolutionary and use it only for games where it could be used for something more?

I guess this is the part where things turn serious. Surprisingly though, it makes sense.

Now I don’t know how PPSE’s Plavsky Particles would be used for military purposes or lead to world domination but let’s play along for now. At the very least, this episode delivered a fitting air of competition for the World Championships.

Greco may just be a minor character but I have to commend his guts. While he did got butchered as a minor character, the fact that he was able to exploit Nils’ tricks makes him fitting enough to be under the top ranks of a World-class player. At the very least, this series justifies the weight of having that title.

Now if they revealed that Aila is some weird cloning experiment born to play Gunpla then WHY? Why would they invest in something for some child’s game? Oh wait. Plavsky Particles. Is Team Nemesis also after the secret of the Plavsky Particles that they had to clone someone and train her to be the best Gunpla player?


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  1. x
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 02:04:53

    This Plavsky Particles stuff seem to be magical fairy dust :p. Honestly, I was bored with this episode ^^;. At the rate they are introducing new characters (many of whom don’t interest me much), I doubt I can keep track of who is who (aside from the main characters) in this show any more XD. Will see if this will keep me interested enough to continue watching as it seemingly go into all out competition mode.


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