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All the unwanted memories of being a noob. FUCK MY (Gaming) LIFE!!!

Remember that sensation when Sayaka became a Puella Magi then came to regret her decision later? That’s probably what I was reminded of by Minori’s monologue. It’s painful to watch because I went through the same thing. Not everyone who starts to play an MMO is privileged enough to encounter a good Samaritan like Shiroe to teach you the ropes.

8 episodes and I have yet to find myself getting bored of its story. I guess this is the charm of cunning characters like Shiroe: like a puzzle, I’m excited to see how everything fall in its place. How Shiroe plans to save Minori and Tohya and where the other guilds and 5M gold fit in his schemes.


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  1. x
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 01:11:56

    Yeah it’s real painful to watch T_T. Minori reminds me of some players who were not interested in MMO, but were dragged into the games by their brothers/friends/cousins/etc, and slowly as well as clumsily learn how to play the game. It can be a frustrating experience, but some find it rewarding after a short while.

    Then again, it’s hard to compare what Minori goes through to what we go through when playing MMO, since she didn’t sign up for this at all. She signed up for an MMORPG that she hoped to have some fun playing along with her brother. Instead, she is now stuck in a world totally foreign to her, with no way of getting home, and with no one (aside from her brother) whom she can trust. It’s kind of like being suddenly shipped to a foreign country where everything is so alien to her, and she ends up being taken advantage of, to the point of effectively being a slave.

    Next episode should be interesting indeed. Shiroe’s scheming still isn’t obvious to me :p, and yeah, it’s exciting to see how it will all fall into place. How will Tohya’s new resolve work out?

    What I like about this anime in episodes seven and eight is that the attention is starting to spread more among the characters rather than mostly only about Shiroe :p. I’m not bored of Shiroe by any means, but I’d like to see more of the other characters as well :D.


  2. baka~
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 01:31:00

    What I like about this anime in episodes seven and eight is that the attention is starting to spread more among the characters rather than mostly only about Shiroe

    Thanks for pointing this out. I was enjoying the previous episodes to realize how it did expand on the cast beyond the members of Log Horizon. The way this series fleshes out its minor characters and their roles creates that impact in terms of what they contribute to each other, especially to Shiroe’s schemes.

    The flashbacks about Minori and Tohya’s adventures actually made sense if this was a normal mmorpg. The fact that they suddenly found themselves unable to log out, got pk’d right off the bat, and was tricked to joining bad company, talk about wrong place, wrong time.


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