How I met your mother

Props to Aki Toyosaki for her portrayal of Liselotte. She may have limited screen time but the character had so much presence for this series. But man…


And while we finally got our answers to the biggest questions: Who the enemy truly is? What the Valvraves are? This, in turn, produced a lot more of stuff that needs to be asked: What happens to Saki now that she’s captured? Moar rape plz? Where will L-Elf find his resolve now that he has lost his reason for fighting? Revenge perhaps? What happens to Haruto and the rest of them which probably are artificially-made Magius? Or is it appropriate to call them Magi?

And how does these artificially-made Magius supposed to work with the Valvraves? If Plue and Pino were systems made to possess the machines, then the pilots are its harvesters?

Way to go Haruto for honoring the bro code

Then who was that child in the future that looks like L-Elf? If that kid was L-Elf’s descendant then who’s the wife that started his lineage? What, now this series becomes a reference to “How I met your mother?”

So yeah, who do you think that child from the future was?

1) L-Elf’s descendant from Haruto (yeah, the possibility is gay as it is)
2) L-Elf’s descendant from Shoko (I fucking hate NTR!!)
3) L-Elf’s clone (because after years of battle, the people of New JIOR can’t do shit without L-Elf’s genius)
4) L-Elf’s reincarnation (they made L-Elf lose his memories, transformed him to an artificial Magius, and stuffed it to some body)


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