Sunrise’ Absolute Being

This wouldn’t be a Sunrise show if they didn’t showcase (1) genetically-enhanced humans (Haruto) and/or (2) child orphans-turned assassins (L-Elf)

Much of the questions have finally been answered. Not just from the Valvrave project but also as to who L-Elf is. Though, Lisellote’s relationship with Cain, the Magius, and whatever device she’s in may provide answers at a later time.

If I understood shit correctly, the reason why Marie ran out of runes and “died” was because she was a normal human. One could say that she’s the one factor for the foundation of Haruto and the entire school’s creation. A program that develops suitable pilots for the Valvraves, with little drawback.

And as much as I hate to admit it, it made sense. If a normal human runs out of runes quickly then they needed a being that is able to sustain such runes and keep its life.

Of course, this development is another milking cow that Sunrise has for this series. They could make a movie, a spin-off, or whatever, to narrate these events in the past. Why everything was developed: The training program, the Valvraves, why Shoko’s father, the former prime minister, went along with this plan. Was it to fight the Dorssians? The Magius?

Seriously, despite being trolled for one whole season, things are getting interesting.

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