Averting a Bleak Future

For some reason, Dokurou’s backstory doesn’t feel convincing. It lacks the impact that justifies, not just what Keima should do, but how this entire ordeal began. If I’m not mistaken, this arc started with Dokurou attempting suicide. And every time Keima failed to save her, she became a child, forcing that sequence to restart. And why was that? What does that episode have anything to do with hell or with Keima’s meeting?

If the Dokurou that’s with Keima is merely narrating the events of hell, then what timeline was it? Was it after the the current turn of events (Keima back-in-time arc) or was this before everything even started (which probably caused Dokurou to go nuts and commit suicide)?

The final phase of this arc is underway. After Keima releases the runaway spirits and have them infiltrate the hearts of the girls, Dokurou will be made to deceive Vintage for 10 years by bearing the “tags” for them. This eventually raises a new set of questions:

1) Was it ever mentioned why Vintage needed to cultivate runaway spirits in girls? If they planned to release them and have them enter girls with gaps in their hearts, for what reason was it? What does vintage gain from all of that?

2) If New Hell was infiltrated by Vintage, for what reason did Dokurou (Hero) instruct the devils to capture runaway spirits? If Vintage was pulling the strings of New Hell, why did they let her carry out such a task? Does this have anything to do with their cultivation scheme, as seen in the past arc?

3) What happens to Kaori? While there is a good chance that she’ll come back to exact revenge on Keima in the future, the fact that she knows about the devils may make her an unlikely ally. That or she decided to bitch around and join forces with them again.


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  1. x
    Nov 16, 2013 @ 13:44:07

    For a moment, I thought Wakaki was prematurely ending the manga ^^;. Well, many of the questions you have seem to be only answerable by Yuri (I’m tired of trying to differentiate between the two “Dokurou’s” in this manga) :p. With time travel involved, there are many things that are possible. As for Kaori, Yuri might have made sure she stayed out of Keima’s way (would possibly explain why she was in school with Jun). Now that Yuri = Dokurou is all but confirmed, I really wonder if Dokurou/Yuri might really be Elsie’s sister (maybe travelled back through time through some twisted causality breaking plot? ^^; ). Would be hilarious to see Yuri start calling Keima “onii-chan” and have everyone else (except maybe Tenri) freak out XD.


  2. baka~
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 02:07:10

    Now it would actually be weird if Dokurou (human form) was indeed the grown-up Nikaido but that might actually make sense. That collar she had in the first place may not be due to her relationship with Akari but because of what Keima did in the past. If so, then who is Akari and what is her relationship with Nikaido, Dokurou, and Vintage?

    Ah man, the questions just piled up


  3. x
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 04:36:42

    Well, there is the other speculation that Akari/Rimyuel is actually Elsie’s older sister, and I’m guessing that Dokurou and her were old pals or something :p …

    Yeah, the question all piles up. Would be nice if Wakaki tell the story about the war in hell, Dokurou’s role, … etc. Also would be nice to see what happens after Keima leaves. As in what happens to Dokurou. Assuming Yuri is Dokurou, it would be nice to know how she meets Rimyuel/Akari. Why she was in school with Jun (could it be due to Kaori? :p). Did she have a role in making the high school co-ed… etc.


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