Band of Traitors

I’m not actually bothered by the fact that this series plans on doing an anime-original route. I read bits of the manga and seen that a lot of details were left out so I guess it makes sense as to how this direction came to be.

As cheesy as this may sound, I find Makie’s reasoning way too cute for words. We all know that she has an intelligence that far surpasses that of a child but what makes her character entertaining is that she is still a child. She longs for a bond that surpasses the frailty of praises and admiration, the longing that any child would most likely desire, according to their age.

And the bittersweet thing is her conscious realization. That the very first friend she hoped to have turned out to be the enemy she helped to kill. Things like these are common. These themes are nothing special. What makes this script work, however, is the characters. The very interaction between Makie and Haruna: Their similarities as “tools”, their knowledge as “adults”, and their growth as “children”.

With Haruna and Kirishima seemingly defecting and joining Gunzou, I wonder what Kongou’s plan of action is. Seeing that she may be the final boss for this series, the fact that 4 of her comrades defected and the vibration warhead in Gunzou’s possession, things may not look favorable for her.


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  1. x
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 03:10:07

    Will Kirishima really defect? What’s happening to Takao? :p Never thought I’d find myself impatiently wanting to watch the next episode of this anime ^^;.


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