Charmed by 4head

It wasn’t my original intention to watch this series but after being spoiled by 4head-chan’s features and taking a liking to Nano’s Savior of Song, I finally gave in and gave this series a shot.

And boy was I glad! And to add, why the fuck is Monday taking so long? I need episode 6! NOW!

Maybe it’s because I played Project Diva back then or I often see cell-shaded animations in work that I’m not bothered by how an episode is animated. There are times when looking at them feels odd and all, but what captures my attention the most is the excellent direction of an entire episode.

My sides are hurting just being seeing Kirishima’s antics

And not just the battles, even the latest episode as of this writing (episode 5) managed to deliver an entertaining episode thanks to how well-written it is.

And despite being weapons of mass destruction, the Mental Models are amusing to watch especially when it comes to their silly antics. While I was lured in by Haruna’s features (THANK YOU EPISODE 5!) Kirishima and Takao really had me giggling. One episode they were destroying stuff, in another, one is infatuated with a human and the other turns into a bear. Just what the fuck…

And while we see war machines transform into innocent, frail girls, we see the state of the “enemy” from Kongou’s perspective which, I find insightful, in so many ways. She may not be much of a goof like the rest so far but in her appearance lies strength, elegance, and wisdom: Her conversations and observations regarding the whole war, humanity, their directives.

After adding Arpeggio, I decided to drop Infinite Stratos and Strike the Blood. IS was fun and all but having them run after Ichika’s dick and Ichika continuing to be a douche got really tiring. As for Strike the Blood, it was set for a 2-cour run so I decided to drop it. The senpai-kouhai fuck fest felt annoyingly blatant so, meh.

Twintails with a nice figure? YES PLZ!!


What’s the deal with yellow? I recalled sticking through Madoka Magica because of Mami’s death and now, 4head-chan?! Not only did Mami and Haruna had twintails of sorts, they are both smoking hot!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:43:31

    lol. I liked this anime, though I wish it didn’t feel so rushed (specially the battles). Episode five made the comedy a lot better than previously though :p. Yeah, love the writing/storytelling in every episode so far.

    IS2 is disappointing for me :p. I’ll continue to watch it (it’s only one cour), but they seem to have cut out a lot from the novel (major plots, side characters, major developments, … etc).

    I gave up on Strike the Blood as well, though I might consider marathoning later (assuming I find the time and motivation :p).


  2. baka~
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 08:30:05

    I think it’s because the battles feel rushed that it makes it more… intense? But to be honest, that’s hardly any setback for this series. The pacing may be rushed but it is still damn enjoyable. I just hope this one gets a second season.


  3. x
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 14:59:05

    Yeah, it’s not really a big setback. Aside from this, and the sometimes awkward looking character movements and expressions, I’m enjoying this more than I expected (much of it due to the comedy and battle strategy stuff).


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