The Devil’s Contract

And just when I was thinking that Marie’s death flag was negated by the revelation that she was a former Valvrave pilot, oh how beautifully trolled I was.

As a side note, let it be a reminder that once Elisa starts singing her Soba ni iru yo, some unfortunate sap would get the bitter end of the stick. That harbinger of misfortune incites rape and death but despite all that, I find myself loving it, that bittersweet song.

I’m beginning to understand why Valvrave starts to make sense now. It’s because it didn’t make sense in the first season that whatever truth or anything close to it is enough to support the foundation of whatever fact this series is trying to establish.

Come to think of it, the first season of Valvrave never intended to give us answers. It was the narrative of a youth who sought for power to protect the people he cared about. But it came with a price.

Unless you read carefully whatever was written in the Devil’s Contract, things won’t make sense after you have signed it. And that’s exactly what Haruto did.

The price for power doesn’t come cheap. Being immortal is one thing, being a monster is another. And being a living corpse, well, it doesn’t really matter how many memories you make. In the end, it becomes food for the Valvraves. Once the contract has been signed, consider yourself its slave for eternity.

Unless you ended up like Marie who loses her memories fast. Why she loses it fast? No one knows. Will this question ever be answered later on? No one knows. Is Lieselotte a member of the Magius? No one knows.

As much as it pains me, this dick of a series is turning to be good in trolling. I guess Sunrise found itself a strategy that automatically generates its own cow and milks it. If anything, the imagination of the viewer isn’t tied to the current events of this series’ timeline. After all, it spoiled a fucking future where the world is, more or less, at peace.

It is here that Sunrise gave the viewer an arduous job, to milk their cow for them to seek the answer from the current chain of events. But what’s ironic is how the current events never made any sense. What are the Valvraves? What are the Magius? So to further the results of this investigation, the viewer also needed to seek answers from an elusive past. Why elusive? well, most of the guys who knew the answers are DEAD and OS-tan ain’t spilling any love juices either. Why the fuck does she speak with Marie or Plue and not with Haruto? I DON’T KNOW. But, i’m fucking eager to find out.


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