Inverted Reality

If you find yourself placed in an absurd situation, what do you do?

Unlike the exploits of Kirito in SAO where escaping the game pressures the characters AND the viewers, Shiroe does take his time and let things sink slowly. And the results are quite enjoyable. Not only do we see a proper development of the plot but we see our characters grow. A thing that SAO lacked and failed miserably.

The moral issues that Kirito were faced with never garnered sympathy because he was unappealing to the viewers who sought for a connection with him as the unfortunate character trapped in a game. That’s really the problem with SAO. It never connected to the viewers. It gave fanservice, it gave action, but the growth of the characters and the pacing were premature, shallow even.

And what amazes me is how the simple revelations in this game can be quite thought-provoking. For instance, it’s not just the great discovery regarding the flavor of food but the requirements of unlocking it. That is to say, despite the aforementioned number of classes and sub-classes, there are things that one can and cannot do. This very truth defines us, not just in games but also as human beings. That no class or subclass is useless.

We are adventurers, heroes of our own story, regards anyone else as NPC’s. But, no matter how small or insignificant some things may look like, they still have a voice. Even NPC’s have a story to tell, even sub-classes thought useless have a meaning.


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  1. x
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 13:32:15

    As much as I’m enjoying Log Horizon, I’m starting to think that the strong focus it has on Shiroe at the expense of most of the other characters, seem to be making the secondary characters feel more like NPCs in a game ^^; (even more than the “people of the land” :p).

    SAO sure had many pacing issues, but I think it did hint and present more (than Log Horizon so far) about the side characters, their background and their motivations. Along with (IMO) better world-building, it made watching SAO feel like it required less effort to suspend disbelief than with watching Log Horizon. Having said that, I’m still enjoying Log Horizon more than SAO :p. The sense of adventure and good pacing makes it much more interesting for me :D.


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