Break the Borders


Even though they’re speaking the same Japanese language (with or without the ring), I was quite convinced on Mimorin’s acting. Myucel trying her hardest to impress Shinichi was fucking moe I can’t help but smile while I was in transit… I wonder what the other passengers were thinking when they saw me… orz

Unless this series plans on turning for the worse, Myucel most likely won’t die. Though I do wonder how her sacrifice would move Petralka. If anything, I do hope her arrogance tones down a bit. And seriously, she needs to study harder. Myucel is already on a whole different league.

It took awhile before I finally understood why Shinichi wanted to build a school. Aside from the privilege of education, there are cultural festivals, new faces, and a sharing of experiences. A place of action and interaction. Though I wonder how successful this venture may be. The hostage incident may leave a bad impression after all.


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  1. x
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 03:09:43

    At this point, for many of us, this could be renamed “The Myucel Maido Show” or something XD. So far, this is one of my favourite animes this season ^^; (and I was real sceptical of this one before I watched the first episode :p).


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