The Burden to Bear

2 episodes later and I seem to be enjoying Valvrave. I guess this is where the shit starts to pay off.

While I fear the death flags being raised, thanks to Satomi’s blunder, I was relieved after finding out that none of them actually died. The entire situation as they descended to Earth was intense and the flashback between the siblings was quite a foreshadowing so I was preparing myself for character deaths and shit.

Despite the action and the twists, I guess the main highlight of this episode comes from Akira and Satomi’s backstory. The history where shit went down the drain, causing Akira to be a shut-in and Satomi to be a dick. Well, I guess both of them were at fault there. Akira may have good intentions but she never should’ve butted-in to help her brother. Likewise, Satomi should’ve manned up and took the blow. He may not be smart enough to entire some prestigious school but he must’ve been fully aware of Akira’s intentions, regardless if it was the wrong thing to do.

But the chain of conspiracy never stops for this series. Aside from thinking what the fuck the Valvraves are, the Magius, the JIOR projects, we also have Marie which feels like a pivotal character on their trip to Earth. This shitty excuse of a plot device literally came out of nowhere. While it feels annoyingly convenient, I just can’t help but admire how this piece of a puzzle fits. If season 1 never intended to make any sense, season 2 may just be teasing me with answers of half-baked truths. Can’t say if I’m happy with where this is going or is certainly pissed.


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