Know the Role


Episode 2 and Log Horizon still provides the kind of entertainment and familiarity that SAO (anime) failed to offer. Because if you’ve immersed yourself in such games, Log Horizon’s accuracy to such facets of gameplay becomes its strongest selling point.

And so far, the series was able to clearly state the rules of the game: Dying respawns the player to the Cathedral and people PK because they’re bored. And they did a good job hiding the tension of the issue of being stuck in a game by focusing on the interesting elements: The gameplay mechanics, the nitty-gritty details that catches most gamer’s familiarity.

Seeing that this series plans on running 2 cour, I do hope they manage to be consistent for quite a stretch. The buildup has been good so far and the faithfulness to the gameplay elements, at least for the introduction, has been a treat.


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  1. x
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 15:29:41

    Looks good so far. I’m not sure if SAO ever had a chance to do what was done here (as the SAO story seem to have too much melodrama that distract from the fun :p), but I’m definitely enjoying this anime a lot more so far XD.


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