So what happens when you combine Gundam, Yugioh Zexal, and League of Legends?

It didn’t take long before I got pissed off at the MC. Motherfucking noob!! Not only did he fucked up Wing Zero (I am a Wing fan) but he kept bitching regarding his lack of skill.

Bitch, there’s a thing called PRACTICE! If you suck at something, you practice it! You practice ’til you get better. You practice til you drop!

And let’s get real here. I would’ve accepted his lack of skill if he came from the suburbs or he never held a Gunpla all his life but the fact that he OWNS A STORE, not to mention, customizes the models himself yet sucked this bad doesn’t quite make sense. A guy who has enough resources should’ve been able to practice his “ideal movements” (in LoL, it’s probably called “Smart”Quick Cast).

But instead, he relies on some Astral (Yugioh Zexal)/Yami Yugi (Yugioh) character that may probably be from space to help his sorry ass and win his game. Man, this is the reason why I hate people who have others pilot their accounts in League of Legends. They participate in Gold/Platinum matches thanks to their ranking with BronzeWood level of gameplay.

I’m not too hopeful with this series but to be honest, this is a good start. To have me give a fuck to the shitty MC is one thing, having Wing Zero hit the bucket is another. Not to mention, reminding me of my many losing games thanks to people with piloted accounts. After the shit that is AGE, will this be Sunrise’ salvation for the Gundam franchise?


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  1. x
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 01:40:08

    lol. Yeah, this is one annoying MC, but I think this is the first Gundam anime episode that I enjoyed since who knows when (I can’t even remember which was the last Gundam series I actually watched without dropping after the first episode) :p.


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