Borderline Fantasy


I’m supposed to go into some kind of “anime diet” since I’m supposed to spend more time playing LoL and trying to reach Platinum… Well, more anime on the road I guess…

I really enjoyed reading the manga so I’m actually satisfied with how faithful the anime adaptation was so far. My only complaint is the weird glow. I don’t know what the animators call it but some scenes felt too bright that I could hardly distinguish who is moving. Hope they fix this shit next episode.

Harada Hitomi as Yaya is a perfect fit. Her voice emphasizes Yaya’s cuteness and it really makes her adorable. Hiro Shimono, on the other hand, doesn’t really bring out Raishin’s character. That or perhaps, I got too used to his comedic roles (Keima, Akihisa) that cool, GAR guys don’t click with him anymore. =/

Twin-tail maids and royal lolis. I was seriously having doubts with this series but the comedy and Shinichi’s inner otaku is enough to win me over. Not to mention, the crisp animation and character designs.

This is also a good opportunity to familiarize myself more with seiyuu I rarely hear especially the newbie Hanae Natsuki who did that annoying guy’s voice in Tari Tari. Aside form him, Mimori Suzuko and Fuchigami Mai seldom drop by in my seiyuu radar since most series I watch are usually voiced by staple powerhouses (So much Hanazawa!).

And this chick is voiced by Maaya Uchida?! WHAT THE FUCK?!

And I was surprised to find out that Maaya Uchida voiced F-cup-chan. MY GAWD! She reminds me of Karasuma-sensei from KinMoza so I thought it was Satomi Satou. Hats off to this chick and her potential!


“SAO probably done right” is what I would like to call Log Horizon. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from this series but the execution and animation is winning me over. To be honest, I was wondering why SAO’s user interface wasn’t as detailed as the one used in Log Horizon?

Other than that, I have to applaud this series for making the explanations brief and maing the most of its setting. For instance, I like how subtle they presented most players having reached max level only for their assurance of survival thwarted by the fact that they are hurled in a world with a new patch. That presentation rids the level grinding that was stressed in the earlier episodes of SAO and adds the uncertainty and risk of having them lose their lives.

And again, being a LoL player who is fond of smart cast quick cast, I can’t help but notice how such mechanisms aid the player interact smoothly with the game. The split-second reaction that rids away confirmation procedures like using skills on interfaces can be a game-breaking feat.


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  1. x
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 23:46:56

    Lots of fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural stuff this season. Well, there’s always a good number of them every season, but there seem to be more this season I think.

    The “scene is too bright” problem seem to affect quite a number of anime this season for me ^^;. One more complaint about this season are the animes with 3D animation with fancy shading that takes some getting used to :p. Some feel rather jarring, and one of them (Ars Nova) seem to be completely 3D animated? (probably explains the wooden character animation and expressions ^^; )

    Between these three, I think I’ll enjoy the feel of adventure in LH (specially like the RPG/MMORPG feel XD), the otaku comedy in OC (specially like how the story treats the characters with a certain level of respect despite the subject matter and the behaviour of the protagonist :p), and the action packed story in UMD (at least I won’t have to wait weeks/months for the next chapter of the manga to find out what comes next, I wonder how far into the story this anime will cover, and if there’s an anime original ending planned :p).


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