While I consider episodes 11 and 12 to be the true end for this series, I guess what they did in episode 13 was quite unnecessary since it spoiled the chapters that came after Jun got back to his unwound world. It didn’t just kill the proper closure that’s dedicated to this season but ruined the plot elements that felt inconspicuous, as a viewer, such as the Kirakisho doll replica and the purpose it serves later.

Now that the teaser has been out, I could only hope for a second season 1-2 years from now, narrating the events that led to episode 13’s closure, portraying the new hurdles that Wound Jun had to face and connecting his world to the Unwound one.

While the last scenes doesn’t make sense for the non-manga reader, I guess it does add a bit of consistency in that while Unwound Jun’s life is improving, the events that happened in the Wound world took place.

But enough of that, let’s dissect the last 3 episodes of this still amazing series.

In this world without possibilities or choices, once I looked into my heart, I found infinite options.

– Unwound Jun, Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen

The recent chapter of Rozen Maiden actually reinforces Shinku’s realization about the whole ordeal of the Alice Game. And the hint that Suigintou got from Berrybell being given by Hinaichigo stirs her belief as to what is needed to clear the game. After all, these sisters are not waging a war but are finding a means to become Alice. How they decide to find that is something they must realize on their own but as Shinku suggests, fighting isn’t the only way.

Looking at the succession of the dolls, from Suigintou being the oldest and Kirakisho being the youngest, we might say that the dolls have a mindset fitting for their “age”. As the eldest, Suigintou’s outlook on life is pretty much like most adults. Practical and realistic. What the objective is and what needs to be done. If the easiest and most efficient means of collecting Rosa Mysticas are to kill the rest then it’s probably the only way.

On the other hand, look at Kirakisho. Mischievous and wants to be spoiled. Much like how most youngest of any siblings would act, they would always want to hog all the attention, all the love in the world.

While the mentality vary between the spectrum of the seven, aging as one goes from the youngest to the oldest, all of them came from one original mindset, one phase. That of being a child. The phase that Kirakisho is at.

I wonder what her last wish was

And it’s quite important to understand how this phase works. Because there is a difference from one who seeks love to one who knows love. We could even surmise that Alice, the ideal girl that Rozen aims for, is the transition of a “doll” to a human through a journey of comprehending “love”. Alice may not even be one that is made of flesh and bone but a proof of an existence that evolves from artificial intelligence.

And of course, the journey of learning what love is can only come from the guidance of the existence known as Masters. I guess that it is because they have issues in life that the dolls learn from them, creating a mutual bond between one trying to comprehend the workarounds of life and one who is held back by the difficulties of life.

Overall, Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen has been one meaningful series; A good continuation to its predecessors that boasts stunning visuals and an almost faithful adaptation from the manga (some scenes altered for effect which I don’t mind). While it did have its moments of slowing down and my gripe with episode 13, the entire journey reminded me why this series have always hit home.

Kind of off-topic here but looking back to when I first watched this series (2007), I remembered being interested in Asimov’s Law of Robotics and artificial intelligence due to some school-related readings. I fancy the idea this series introducing similar concepts (dolls having artificial intelligence) narrated from a fictional (magical) perspective. Then again, Asimov’s rules came from a work of fiction. It would be cool if someday, Rozen Maiden would be referenced in the field of science as a basis of some thought or breakthrough.

I also noticed there’s no personally noteworthy BGM for this series that could compare to Battle of Rose or Shukuteki that its predecessors offered 😦


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  1. x
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 00:02:03

    I’m glad I didn’t drop this after the first episode :p. Last episode teased too much ^^;. I might actually be tempted enough to read the manga at some point XD.


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