Ode to Valkyries


Karira couldn’t have expressed that better

I watched Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu thinking that this was just another moeblob anime. You know, chicks with guns and all, but this series turned out way better than what I expected. The character development that stems from camaraderie and competition was neatly portrayed. And while not everyone in the cast had enough time to shine in their own right, the emphasis on the Main Character’s journey of discovery is the very adventure that made me enjoy this series.

Maybe it’s because I hate Yura so much that it makes her quite an authentic character. Hating her because of the shit I’m reminded of, of the shit that I did and kept on doing, is an indication of her appeal to me, the viewer. Her faults and shortcomings were once my faults and shortcomings and her redemption was also an experience that is all too familiar.

Stella C3-bu isn’t without faults. There were times when the pacing slowed down and things got boring or some of the characters were never fleshed out aside from their template but looking back, this series was good. Seeing the girls play airsoft with their moves and tactics were quite enjoyable and the character development regarding some of the characters, specially Sonora and Rin definitely piqued my interest.

The seiyuu cast also did an amazing job save for Rima Nishizaki (Rento) which I feel needs more work with her voice acting. I get that Rento is a kind and clumsy character but the way Rima acted her out was quite lacking. Maybe a couple more voice works would polish her skill.


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  1. x
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 04:11:04

    Yeah, this was a flawed but nonetheless enjoyable series for various reasons :p. This last episode felt like it should have been an OVA or something XD.


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