You know, it’s more fun with Iris Heart and P-Ko around. Suddenly rushing to Tari never made any sense nor did it felt consistent with the good buildup that they did with Eden Arc. And it’s a waste to be honest, I really felt the drama between P-Ko and Neptune but cutting it short to squeeze in Tari?

I think it would’ve been better if they decided to end the series with P-Ko’s departure. That sad parting really moved me considering how the two of them spent their time forming their bond, all of it to vanish with P-Ko’s case of amnesia… or whatever.

Overall, Neptunia was surprisingly enjoyable. This is actually one of the few seiyuu-trap series that I bothered watching and found rewarding. But I don’t think a second season is all-too inviting. Unless it has Iris Heart taking the lead role 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 07:34:47

    Yeah, it’s just not the same without Iris Heart. I was rather annoyed by most of the characters as well as their interactions before Iris Heart came along, and after she left, I felt equally annoyed :p. The only thing I really liked about the last episode was the reappearance of Warechu ^^;.

    Agreed that this was surprisingly fun (I intended to drop this after watching the first episode, but changed my mind). Second season? Not so much :p. Unless, as you say, Iris Heart is taking the lead :p.


  2. Keiri
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 01:42:48

    It’s sad enough that Iris Heart and Yellow Heart were taken out of the final boss battle against Rei. 😦

    Ultimately this Anime was nothing but a rushed, superficial shell of the originals, not helped by the fact that they crammed everything into 12 episodes with disjointed developments from one plot segment to the next. It’s a shame too because the originals had a lot of substance and heart in their stories, which expectedly couldn’t be fitted into a single cours. Ah well, it was enjoyable while it lasted. The comedy more or less made up for everything else that was half-baked. Apparently according to staff and some of the seiyuu, there’s still an Episode 13 but me thinks it will mostly be a post-climax resolution of sorts…or just another one of those random misadventure installments.

    Second season is very unlikely given the entire game saga ended with V which this Anime was loosely based on (Surprisingly, because I was expecting them to come up with an entirely original story for this TV series but they didn’t :/). Unless of course if they do eventually want to create an original story for a second season or plan to do some kind of animated adaptation based on the upcoming remake of the first Neptune game in the form of RE;Birth or Gekishin Black Heart which stars Noire as the lead heroine (I’d be totally on board this one if the plot is about tomodachi wa sukunai Noire trying to make friends har har har. “If”, that is). On that note, yes, some of us should petition for Plutia/Iris Heart to be the protagonist of one of their future games and push them towards a TV show. Now where’s that popularity poll… :p


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