Surpass Instinct

So what goes beyond our instincts as sentient beings?


If instinct gives us the functions of fight or flight, self-awareness gives it purpose. A reason to live, a reason to fight. More than the cravings, the hunger of one’s genes.

In a sense, the Wulgaru are animals. Their desire for a lot of things may have sharpened them to be excellent warriors but their lack of self-awareness for their kind reduces them to nothing more as animals. Take note, it’s not that they are not self-aware but rather, the lack of emotion or sympathy for their kind, their comrades proves the limitations of their evolution.

And I guess this was what Teoria has been trying to prove all along. The evolutionary leap that they needed to go beyond their limitations as a race who can only hunt for the genes of others.

And similarly, more than the glamour of the visual eye-candy, the intense battles, more than what my cravings are when it comes to mecha anime, Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince offered something more. It offered depth, it offered characters, it offered perspective, above all, it contributed to a growth that helps develop viewers as a person.

More than entertainment, Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince is a journey of discovery. Masterfully devised that it was able to incorporate all elements of a good mecha anime while delivering a tasteful of romance and adventure. Just like how it used to in my youth as I reminisce mecha anime of old like Voltes V or Daimos.

Not that the recent mecha anime that I watched fell short but the offerings and calls of nostalgia is strong with MJP. It appealed to me, called out to my genes and offered something something greater than my expectations.

While they did a good job in wrapping things up for this series, I am stressed that they left a lot of things unanswered. But from a marketing perspective, it shows potential of sequels and prequels. The tale that precedes a romantic adventure and the tale that comes after Galkie’s conclusion of a “new evolutionary path”.

Even something this simple as Simon’s line is potential of a prequel

Oddly enough, a few of my acquaintances hardly know this series. Shingeki no Kyojin is more of a boom here than MJP and while this is part of our culture I think they are missing a lot of good stuff that MJP could offer more than SnK. I’m not trashtalking SnK by the way. It is good in its own right but I guess the series just got a little bit of hype thanks to the promise of brutality and gore. Just like most of our instincts to flock and go after whatever it is that’s visually appealing.

And to think that I too was skeptical at first with this series. Watching anime with dubious titles like “Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince” and being rewarded is one of the reasons why I like trying new things in anime. Then again, I have developed a pain-in-the-ass-time-saving-bias system so I really need someone to push me with their recommendations. With all the fanservice and time-consuming kinds of anime recently, hitting on a gold mine like MJP is a hit or miss.

It also looked like this series presented two new seiyuu-potentials. To be honest, Hiroki Aiba and Junya Ikeda aren’t that appealing. There’s something in their voices that lacks the ooomph to be an MC. Sure, Izuru is a whiny bitch and Suruga is supposed to be the wikipedia-asshole character but there’s really something short with how they did their roles. It’s not really convincing. I’m more convinced with Izuru and Suruga when the scene dictates it but overall, it doesn’t come from within the character.

But I guess they’ll get the hang of things. And if anything, MJP is a good starter for their careers though Hiroki already have much experience thanks for Prince of Tennis. But I digress. They’re not bad per se but they’re not as convincing with how they portrayed the characters.

And lastly, props to Kon Natsumi. PROMPT has been my favorite song for this season and I really love her strong, crystal clear voice. I am mesmerized by it! Hope to hear more songs from her in the future.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 10:46:02

    I for one ran away from SnK because of the promise of brute and gore ^^;. Well, I started watching this anime for the nostalgia and was surprised by the depth of the character portrayals and fantastic mecha porn XD. This was really enjoyable, even if I wished they had stretch the last episode to two episodes :p. If they do make a sequel (kind of hard to say if they will or not as it’s not exactly a best seller), I think I’ll be willing to take the time watch it.


  2. baka~
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 13:14:56

    Are the dvd feedback for this series quite low? I wouldn’t be surprised if this don’t sell well in my country but seriously, with all the mecha porn and visual goodness, it’s hard to believe that the market for MJP is low. Unless they fuck up the dvd quality.

    Watching MJP raised my standards for mecha so i’ll be judging Gundam Build Fighters with so much bias now =|


  3. x
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 13:47:08

    Nowhere to be seen in the DVD ranks

    But, it’s number four on the BD ranks

    I’m not familiar with this stuff enough to know if this is considered to be good enough though :p.


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