The Unchanging World

The view from the top by those with power turn out to be different from those who view it from below. The difference between individuals wanting to gain power is different from understanding the responsibility that comes with it. And I guess this is the common conflict between the young and the old.

I understand how the prime minister felt. As pathetic he may be, he does have a point. When people, society in general, see someone who works hard, they immediately make fun of it. For whatever reasons, for whatever ends, hard workers always have it rough. Criticized to a fault and sometimes, unappreciated.

Seeing how the above scene made sense made me bang by head a bit. Remembering the times where I was made fun of by working hard and seeing me doze on the job is both annoying and humiliating. But as I said, hard workers have it tough.

People who work overtime to get the job done may sympathize with the PM, to some extent. I mean, perhaps there was a point where he seriously took his job and dedicated his life for it. But after experiencing and enduring criticisms, he lost faith to himself and his purpose for his country.

Come to think it, wasn’t this just one of Hajime’s teachings? Taking at face value, the Prime Minister was exposed to be slacking off on the job but applying Hajime’s empathy, he may just be tired from having to deal with the issues that involve the country. And oddly enough, it makes sense. Having one man decide the fate of a nation is no easy task. And I guess the same idea applies to O.D. who seems to be having a hard time seeing his subordinates work hard so that he won’t transform. I guess O.D.’s transformation is really that dangerous.

Pai’s quite amazing though now that he motivated himself to fight and Utsutsu’s transformation was awesome in itself. Even Joe’s return to service is badass on its own. With all of them fighting on the front lines, besides O.D., what will Katze plan next? He seems to be losing interest and is getting pissed off with the delay of the world’s destruction. Will all of them fight him next? Will we ever get to see O.D. transform?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 00:36:06

    I find your summaries more interesting than the anime itself ^^;. Somehow I just can’t see this anime as anything but a really messy execution of an otherwise interesting story.


  2. baka~
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 00:55:32

    I, for one, would’ve preferred if they made a story faithful to the original material. Seeing that they merely used the name to create a different story is, as you said, “an interesting story with messy execution” one of my gripes with this series.

    I think people who are familiar with the name “Gatchaman” may see some problems with this series. Like it’s a branded fact that Gatchaman is more of an episodic kind of action rather than focusing much on character development and some fancy ideals.


  3. x
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 01:22:14

    In my opinion, they did deviate too much from the original Gatchaman series. However, even if I were completely not familiar with Gatchaman*, and watch this as an original series, it still feels like a huge mess.

    *I have watched a few episodes of some dubbed version of it decades ago, but I can’t remember enough of that story to even tell if this anime’s story has any conflict with the original series ^^;. Having said that, this show is definitely different in many ways from the original show, and I don’t think it is for the better.


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