Miyu Route Cleared!

Never expected Miyu to be a total yandere

And that wraps up this season of Prisma Ilya. If I have to think about the pacing, I guess 10 episodes got the job done. The plot progression, the characters, the comedy, and the visuals. While this series isn’t perfect in its truest sense (some episodes were boring) I have no complaints AT ALL when it comes to the overall value.

It was an enjoyable mahou shoujo anime that rode on the popularity of Type-Moon’s characters that works (I’m looking at you Gatcha!). Well, it may look like another means of milking our ever popular cow (heard UFOtable is doing Heaven’s Feel) but hell, the fans love it. And I think this does Ilya’s character some justice. I mean, she dies on every route in Fate Stay Night so seeing her alive and flourish on her character is a welcome portrayal.

Not to forget but this series has been voiced by an amazing cast. Mai Nakahara Kadowaki may have Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou this season but I prefer her Ilya voice. The strength of her voice when Akari transforms doesn’t quite match her character so it puts me off. Nazuka Kaori is known for voicing silent girl types so I couldn’t expect anything less from Miyu. It’s just that Miyu’s character is amazing especially when she goes deredere. And lastly…


Ruby reminds me of Deadpool only less badass. But let’s face it, this magical device carried this show like a boss! Prisma Ilya won’t be as enjoyable without Ruby’s troublesome antics.

Did Waver just become the best troll asshole for this series?

So next up is Bazette. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know how shit goes but I heard she’s one of the toughest opponents to crack.


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  1. x
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 03:50:33

    I never thought I’d ever think that a mahou shoujo anime is my favourite anime of any season, but I must say that this is my favourite show of this season (with the possible exception of Monogatari2, but that continues on to the next season, so that doesn’t count :p). Having said that, I still can’t seem to get used to the saucer sized irises ^^; (but it’s the same in the manga :p), the pacing could have been better (some parts too slow, while other parts too fast), and I wish they included more comedy scenes :p. Still, this was really enjoyable, and I’ll probably watch this again when I find the time XD.


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