Finger lickin’ good


Souseiseki is probably the most efficient among the dolls but always end up with the wrong kind of masters. Back in season 1, I was always wishing that she lands herself to a decent master that would take care of her. Lo and behold, that wish came true.

Unlike the rest of the dolls that throws tantrums and outrageous demands on a daily basis, Souseiseki behaves herself most of the time. Has a (blind) devotion to whoever her master is. Has the most wicked looking weapon among the dolls (a big-ass scissor!). Has a broken ability to enter and affect human dreams. And has intelligence that could rival Shinku’s.

Souseiseki’s probably the best doll among the sisters if you’re looking at function and efficiency. She may not be as elegant or as cute as the rest but she gets shit done.

Hands down, Kirakishou is THE most amazing flirt among the dolls! GODDAMMITMYBONER!!

I really felt sorry for Kirakishou in this episode. Not just because her hotness is off the scale but how her meticulous planning was foiled by the most unsuspecting character. Even in the manga, I didn’t expect desu to turn the tables on her.

And seeing the above scene animated really held its own emotion compared to reading it in the manga. Kirakisho may be perceived as evil and fucked up in the head but she is still a being, an existence, that’s deprived of love. Aside from the fact that all of them long for Rozen’s affection, Kirakishou had it rough by not being able to interact with masters or the rest of the dolls properly. She lived in seclusion and knew nothing of the world or even her sisters.


So I guess Kira’s back to the woodworks again, scheming and plotting since she lost her vessel. She’s still hot as fuck though ♥~


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  1. x
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 15:42:50

    I guess for someone to win in this “game”, the others has to lose.

    Not that many episodes left I suppose, and the summer season is coming to a close. Lots of anime having fewer episodes than I expected. Not many from the summer season is continuing to the next season. Next season also looks to be filled with a good variety of anime. Any recommendations?


  2. baka~
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 00:42:55

    I guess for someone to win in this “game”, the others has to lose.

    That’s an interestingly legit way to put it.

    I haven’t seen the list for the next season since I’m preparing to marathon the Goddess Arc of Kaminomi. I’m having mixed options with watamote though since an acquaintance of mine described it as “a series where you’ll be facepalming hard most of the time”


  3. x
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 00:55:03

    Yeah, Watamote is full of face-palms. I found it depressing mostly, amusing at some parts, and frustrating if I start thinking too much about it ^^;. It’s definitely not the typical anime.


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