Stupid Children

I can’t stress how much this episode infuriates me! All of a sudden, we just have characters acting idiotic than usual. Symphogear IS a silly show, I get that, but to suddenly have everyone act like total retards with their own agenda is inconsistent as fuck!!

For starters, Kirika betrayed Shirabe because she’s gonna lose herself and become Fine? SERIOUSLY? What purpose does Shirabe hating her fulfill? I just can’t understand the thought process behind it. If you know you’ll become a memory, why not make it a good one? Why the fuck did she have to piss everyone off just to be remembered?

And here I thought Miku was the smartest and most logical girl for this series. God fucking damn was I wrong! With a few petty words from the obvious villain, she decided to lose her freedom and wield a symphogear? And her intention is to create a world where Hibiki doesn’t fight?! Seriously, for someone considered to be her best friend, Miku should’ve known that Hibiki WILL FIGHT HER FUCKED UP LOGIC! JUST WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE THINKING?! I get it that Ver is an ass who capitalizes on human weakness such as love and shit but for Miku to not recognize how Hibiki would act is UTTER BULLSHIT!!



How could you not understand how Hibiki would act if she knows you’ll fuck the world over just so she wouldn’t fight?

I do hope this is a classic case of deceiving your enemies and shit because honestly, I have so much respect for you tits-chan. Please don’t do something stupid now. Because I can’t honestly fathom what the fuck your intentions were for backstabbing Tsubasa.

Overall, I’m pissed. Stupid characters piss me off. Maria is still indecisive as fuck and Ver is definitely someone who deserves to eat Genjurou’s punch. Kirika will probably lose it and lots of respect was lost on Miku.

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  1. x
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 01:04:20

    One of the things about this show, even in the first season, was that the villains were never very compelling :p, and the behaviour of most of the other characters are often idiotic as well. I don’t expect any of that to change this season ^^;. In the last few episodes, there has been a lot of lying going around, so I wouldn’t “judge” any of the characters before the end (specially when considering how much the first season “trolled” us with a lot of stuff XD). The plot continues to be rather predictable for the most part, but the action sequences make up for most of it I guess. Are the transformation sequences getting more and more elaborate ^^; ?


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